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allah laskeutuu pulkalla vainaiden luokse
by Aisenkuisti

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Youtube Thumbnail Super Farts - 11 of 20 - Super Long Fart
Super Farts - 11 of 20 - Super Long Fart
by Sviatoslav Kolonowski
0:54 - 22,182 views

Check these long farts out. Dr. Kolonowski rips some cloth and some farts of several seconds.

Always more at http://uberwind.com. Check it out, and even upload YOUR OWN videos.
Youtube Thumbnail SYL liittokokous 2011: pääministeri Jyrki Katainen
SYL liittokokous 2011: pääministeri Jyrki Katainen
by AateMedia
2:16 - 418 views

"SYL:n kanta koulutuspolitiikkaan on yksi merkittävimmistä."

Pääministeri Jyrki Kataisen haastattelu Suomen ylioppilaskuntien liiton liittokokouksesta 18.11.2011.
Youtube Thumbnail Premier drumlesson parts 17-18
Premier drumlesson parts 17-18
by tykylevits
2:39 - 48,768 views

Daddy likes to be drummer alone
Youtube Thumbnail Dog imitates baby
Dog imitates baby
by Tom Scruffy Cammarata
2:46 - 35,721,686 views

Kinda cute! :)
*Note: I am not the creator of this video nor do I take credit for it. It was emailed me as a file attachment and I loved it so much that I put it on YouTube. I'd like to give credit to the owner, and it was suggested that the dog's name is Mishka and that the original owner's YouTube account is gardea23. However, upon close examination and upon not seeing this video at all in the gardea23 collection, I found that although the 2 dogs are very similar in appearance, the dog in this video is NOT Mishka. The 2 dogs have different markings as well. If anyone can truly discover who the owner/creator of this video is, I will give full credit to that/those person/persons. Also, there are a select "few" clueless people who have commented here that think I receive money due to ads that appear on this video. I am not making any money at all with YouTube, nor do I want to. The only way to do so is to participate in the "YouTube Partner Program" which I do not do, nor am I inclined to ever do. To clarify, in the case of this video, if you see an ad it is because there was a "claim" by somebody in Japan for the audiovisual content here. And YouTube places THEIR ads here indiscriminately without investigating or confirming if the claim is true. So, the ads you see here are NOT mine and I receive NO money at all. Zilch! Nothing! Not a penny!

ADDENDUM: It was brought to my attention that YouTube user danm923 may be the owner of the original video, but I've found 3 users with the same video, and in each case, it's the ONLY video they have on their channel, danm923 included. In each case the description is the same... "10 month old Lexi singing with her dog Angel". One of these goes way back to 2008, four years ago. So in light of this I've inboxed/messaged all 3 users asking each one if they are in fact the owner of the original video. Will wait for replies and then give credit where credit is due once I discover who the true owner of the video is.
Youtube Thumbnail

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Youtube Thumbnail Näin laulaa Johanna Tukiainen
Näin laulaa Johanna Tukiainen
by arsa102
1:50 - 257,410 views

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