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by EngiActive

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Youtube Thumbnail Rainbow Tylenol Tutorial
Rainbow Tylenol Tutorial
by TheVocoderGuy
1:56 - 369,985 views

-UPDATE- MIDI reuploaded

Just incase anyone who is somewhat skilled at the piano they can kind of follow this if they wanted to play this song, also It's not the original it's a cover I made in FL Studio. If you like it download it from Renard here

Youtube Thumbnail [YTPMV] Internet Tylenol ! Mah Boi !
[YTPMV] Internet Tylenol ! Mah Boi !
by Richard Braintree
1:55 - 328,889 views

MP3 link : http://www.mediafire.com/?chi6lir89nhmxzt
My Rainbow Tylenol video. Yet another one, but this one is good.
I used mostly Audacity for the audio track, and After Effect CS4 for the video, plus a bit of Virtual Dub and Gimp 2.

Thanks to :
And many people for fonts, sprites, vids etc.

07/20/12 : 21 000 views !
06/11/12 : 15K views.
05/12/12 : 10K views ! Le champagne like a sir !
04/14/12 : 6K views. notbad.png
03/31/12 : 4K views. Everything went better than expected.
03/22/12 : 3K views, and not a single pony in this vid. Thank you.
03/09/12 : 2K views ! HUEHUEHUE
02/26/12 : 1K views, thx.
Youtube Thumbnail Ultimate Tylenol (Better Ver.)
Ultimate Tylenol (Better Ver.)
by nehkoo
1:53 - 215,916 views

Other Title: Everything Tylenol
I re-did it and put in more ytpmv's. I own NONE of these videos, but I give credit to all of them, and the people who made'em. Here they are IN ORDER (So people will stop asking):
Double D's epic Tylenol Doorbell - Bobsquash12
Old Tylenol - Unit563
Inglorious Tylenol - mssnor
Fred Tylenol - ThatDingoLovinGuy
Vince Tylenol - darkmaster1653
Rainbow JakkaJan - guilhox
Rainbow Video Games - LolZombiez
Rainbow Note - Xlovesmiku
Rainbow Lovers - Yamas03 (MISS YOU!)
Random Tylenol - PoopSlammer
Rainbow Ride - norris3942
Nostalgia Tylenol - Veksler96
Random Tylenol - Bifao
Rainbow Trololol - EngimaEvocative
Super Mario Tylenol - LightningWolf3
Octagon Tylenol - darkmaster1653
Spylenol - ShoopDaGUHH
It took spongebob ² years to master this - happytreefriendssuck
Old Tylenol - Unit563
Rainbow Beavers - supadawg444
Rainbow Lovers - Yamas03 (MISS YOU!)
Super Mario Tylenol - LightningWolf3
Random Tylenol - PoopSlammer
Random Tylenol - Bifao
Thank you for watching. :3
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Youtube Thumbnail Rainbow Trololol
Rainbow Trololol
by EnigmaEvocative
1:54 - 4,346,299 views

RIP Eduard Khil aka Trololo Guy. We'll miss you.... Troll on in the afterlife.

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Time to hop on the Tylenol trend with all the YTPMV pros!

My 3rd and most difficult YTPMV yet. Took me about 15-20 hours. Yes, I did the solo myself, manually.

Song is Rainbow Tylenol by Kitsune^2 (also known as Renard).

EDIT: Okay. So a lot of people have been asking what program I used to make this thing. I'll be completely honest here, and any comments asking the same question won't be answered.

I made the audio track in Audacity 1.3, and the visuals in Adobe Premiere Pro CS3. It's the same for all other YTPMVs I've made and will make.


MP3: http://www.mediafire.com/?hsycgrgsldk9tab

Special thanks to mssnor for some ideas for visuals. :)
Youtube Thumbnail Inglourious Tylenol
Inglourious Tylenol
by ArtifictialFoxy
1:51 - 25,706 views

by mssnor.
rip 27/12. never forget
bgm: "Rainbow Tylenol"
Youtube Thumbnail Spylenol
by GVBackUp
1:51 - 5,976 views

I think ShoopDaGUHHH level'd up after he made this video.

Uploaded for archival/backup purposes.
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