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Ninja Sex Party- Attitude City and 16-Bit Mashup
by WeirdGoat

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Youtube Thumbnail Attitude City - NSP (16-BIT Sega Genesis / Mega Drive Cover)
Attitude City - NSP (16-BIT Sega Genesis / Mega Drive Cover)
by FACADE Music
3:15 - 35,674 views

A 16-BIT rendition of NSP's song, "Attitude City"! More NSP, Starbomb, and Game Grumps covers to come soon! What should I cover next?

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Fair use allows for the remixing and parodying of videos and musics. The use of the music in the video is fair.
Youtube Thumbnail Attitude City - NSP
Attitude City - NSP
by Ninja Sex Party
3:40 - 6,374,531 views

Buy the song here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/attitude-city-single/id890079331

Written, performed, and musically composed by Ninja Sex Party


The Lady - Emily Roche
'Tude Bro - Arin Hanson
'Tude Dude - Barry Kramer
Danny's Grandma - Granny Sexbang
Thug 1 - Rodrigo Huerta
Thug 2 - Zan Alda
Thug 3 - Ben Bizuneh


Director - Egoraptor
Editor - Kelly Brickner
Super Awesome props and "So Tuff" tattoo - Suzy Berhow
AD - Austin Herring
Gaffer/Swing - Carman Spoto
Dance Choreography by Maxine Hupy
Animation by Gregzilla
Acoustic Guitar Breakdown performed by Super Guitar Bros - www.youtube.com/SuperGuitarBros

Fan Artwork:
Dinosaur Laser Fight by Matt Synowicz: http://mattsynowicz.tumblr.com/
Kawaii Danny by http://sorathepanda.deviantart.com/
Buttmageddon Poster by Jay Spiwak: http://jspiwak.tumblr.com
NSP (Ninja Brian Birthday Pic) by Leeann Hamilton: http://thecoolbean.net/
Sexy garage dinosaurs by Lulu Kachuu (aka Aazumin)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Brian by Katie Scott Art: http://instagram.com/katiescottart


What's up baby? You're a very sexy lady
What's a good girl like you doing in a 'hood like this?
Your life's in danger every enemy's a stranger
But good for you I rule this town with my iron fists

Check my sunglasses for proof that I kick some asses
No more classes, you've been schooled and now you know the deal
Everyone here has a black belt in "Amazing"
And diplomas from The University of Fucking Keepin' it Real

Hey! Hey! That's how we're living
Welcome to Attitude City
Hey! Hey! No fucks are given
When you're in Attitude City

Hey! Hey! You made the right decision
If your goal was to learn how to rock
Now sit back as I walk you though
My life as the baddest fuckin' dude on the block

Every morning I wake up before the dawn and
Run a half a mile in forty seven minutes flat (Unh!)
Then shit gets crazy, I water my grandma's daisies
And sit down with her for biscuits and have a nice chat (Fuck yeah!)

Then I maintain this insane body with weight training
Can't contain me! Put five pounds up on that barbell rack! (Do it!)
Just ask my mother, I am one tough fuckin' fucker
And if I have scary dreams I can just go to sleep between her and dad

Hey! Hey! No one can faze me!
When I'm in Attitude City
Hey! Hey! This shit gets crazy
Daily in Attitude City

Hey! Hey! My rock is fuckin' tasty...but here come some tough
Guys from the town, trying to steal my crown
I'll take on your whole bitchass gang, now let's throw the fuck down!

Ninja Brian, would you lay down a sick flute solo for me?
Thank you.

Oh what a lovely spring day
For you to visit our city
Here are some tasty gumdrops
And rainbow colored lollipops (lollipops)

Do come again with your thugs
But only if you like bro hugs
Here's my wallet
Have a nice

HEY! THAT'S RIGHT! We are the masters
Of fuckin' Attitude City!
Harder and faster
Than you in Attitude City

HEY! WE ARE nightmare disasters!
For anyone who
Shows disrespect, girl your life we'll protect
And if you think we're awesome then you are extremely correct!

Sorry, I don't know why we said fuck there...
Sorry again.
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