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Persona Q - Maze of Life

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Youtube Thumbnail Persona Q  - Maze of Life -Full Ver - (Lyrics)
Persona Q - Maze of Life -Full Ver - (Lyrics)
by Persona Music Box SP
4:24 - 2,295,359 views

Maze of Life -Full Version-
Singer : Yumi Kawamura feat Shihoko Hirata
Composer: Shoji Meguro
Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth OST

From the game Persona Q on Nintendo 3DS. Copyright Atlus and Sega.

"Maze of Life" is the opening theme of Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth. Composed by Shoji Meguro, it is a duet performed by Yumi Kawamura and Shihoko Hirata. It was arranged by Atsushi Kitajo on the Sound of the Labyrinth CD that came with the first printing of the game, also included were arrangements of 3 other Persona Q tracks.

Ain't it great, how we met each other,
On this wild and crazy carousel of life?
Ain't it cool, how it changed the paths of...
Our lives...
Set us off on new adventures?

This carousel - takes us round and round!
This labyrinth of life,
You can't tell up from down...
Havin' so much fun...
We forget to check where this crossroad's takin' us,
But hey, here we come!

This carousel - spins us round so much!
Sometimes you don't know should...
You stay or get off?
It's only just begun...
Welcome to this wild Maze of Life!

Ain't it fun, how this life is giving
Us the chance to be a hero or a fiend?
It's our choice, so let us try to make the...
Best of...
What our Fates have laid in our cribs!

This carousel - spins inside our minds
This labyrinth of life,
You can’t tell wrong from right...
Having so much fun...
Didn't see the cliff past that hairpin bend in the road,
But hey, here we go

This carousel - takes us higher and higher
The force of gravity's
No realer than the fire...
Burning in your heart...
Welcome to this wild Maze of Life!

Thinking you got it figured,
Thinking you got a grasp on how it all works now...
(But it's)
Spinnin' you round and round,
(Can you tell up from down?)
Spinnin' inside your mind,
(Can you tell wrong from right?)
Nothin' to do but let it go enjoy the ride!

This carousel - takes us round and round!
This crazy maze of life,
You can't tell up from down...
Having so much fun...
We forgot to ask where this magic's taking us,
But hey, here we come

This carousel - spins you round and out!
You really don't know why,
But it makes you wanna shout:
"We've only just begun...
Let's enjoy this wild Maze of life!"
Youtube Thumbnail Persona Q -
Persona Q - "Maze of Life" (Instrumental Cover) | damus1cmahn
by damusicmahn
4:28 - 20,176 views

Download here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/fxba8pdobmjpwhc/Maze_of_Life_(Instrumental_Cover).mp3

Blog for Updates: https://damus1cmahn.wordpress.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/da_mus1c_mahn
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/damus1cmahnOfficial

I received a lot of requests for this song, so I ended up doing it! To those who have been following my video updates, like my "Dazzling Smile" cover, I've also based the band off of Persona characters... specifically from Persona 3. Here's the lineup:
- Band Name: The Execution Squad
- Rhythm + Lead Guitars/Co-Lead Vocals = Yukari Takeba
- Co-Lead Vocals (FEATURING): Rise Kujikawa
- Lead Guitars/Male Vocals = P3 Protag (I will call him Makoto in this case)
- Rhythm Guitars/BK Vocals = Mitsuru Kirijo
- Bass = Junpei Iori
- Drums = Akihiko Sanada
- Keyboards/Synthesizers = Fuuka Yamagishi
- Sampler/Synthesizers = Aigis
- Manager/Tech = Ken (sorry... I can't think of anywhere to place you)
- Posthumous Member of Honor = Shinjiro Aragaki

Aaaand... there's a GUITAR SOLO BATTLE between Makoto and Yukari. You can tell by the two different styles and guitar tones.

Anywhoooo, enjoy this fine cover! :D

Cover facts:
- Guitar: Modified Fender Custom Telecaster in Drop B
- Bass: Ibanez BTB675 (with GHS 45-130 strings), tuned to Drop B + G#
- Amp Sims: Bias Desktop (Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier, Two Rock Custom Reverb Sig v3, Egnater Armageddon, PRS Archon, Diezel VH4), RedWirez IR Cab Sims, Guitar Rig 5 (Ampeg SVT4), LePou LE456
- Recording: Focusrite 18i20 + Presonus Studio One 2.6
- Plugins: IK Multimedia T-RackS CS, Native Instruments Reaktor 5, Toontrack Superior Drummer 2.0 Metal Foundry
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