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Sparta Gamma Remix Base
by Fadhil Cool

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Youtube Thumbnail [Request] Sparta Gamma SixteenParison
[Request] Sparta Gamma SixteenParison
by Pet297 alt
3:20 - 42,154 views

Requested by Musicfan314 Wutdafuk. Gamme pitch overload.
Sparta Gamma Remix Nineparison 2
Youtube Thumbnail [Remake] 5 AM At Freddy (Prequel and Sequel) has a Sparta Gamma Remix
[Remake] 5 AM At Freddy (Prequel and Sequel) has a Sparta Gamma Remix
by FNaFstic • Leo •
3:13 - 76,646 views

The original was made by Candy The Cat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPrJjte2brs
Youtube Thumbnail (Pitch Test) Greyson has a Sparta Gamma Remix
(Pitch Test) Greyson has a Sparta Gamma Remix
by Zory13
3:15 - 2,348 views

This was made to test the Gamma Pitch patterns, I think I nailed it for the most part.

The source is a school project our class made when I was in 6th grade
We needed someone to bring a video camera so I offered to use mine
after we where done, I'm pretty sure everyone forgot about it, even me, but I still had it after all these years so I decided to remix it.

For clarification: The Person at 1:44 is a guy, it was a really weird skit

In my opinion, a base is not overused unless it it used to make tons of simplistic Sparta remixes "like this one." But would you call Extended base overused? No, because every remix with extended as the base is different.

Source is my classmates in a school project

Base by Alex the Savior
Youtube Thumbnail Puffball -
Puffball - "She stabbed my speaker box!" Sparta Gamma Remix
by Millicent
3:14 - 170,936 views

It's almost like having limbs...
Making the visuals for the second row of pitches was hard. And I mean like, really hard. Really, really, really hard.
Also, awesomeness is kind of messed up. I rushed it. Sorry :3
I really want to reupload this without the awesomeness but I'm too lazy and it's already up so yea... atleast I didn't make it too loud
Source by jacknjellify
Base by Alex The Savior
Programs used:
Sony Vegas Pro 13 (video editing)
FL Studio 12 (pitch)
OBS (recording the pitch)
Youtube Thumbnail [Multisource] Ah! High Noon! - Sparta Gamma Mix
[Multisource] Ah! High Noon! - Sparta Gamma Mix
by Zane 1616
3:9 - 736 views

"(Let's pretend like it's high noon) high noon, AH! HIGH NOON!!!!!!!!!!!... high noon AH!!!"

I kinda forgot why I made this. The source is some old video my brother made a long time ago. Oh and it's also a filler.

base by Alex
Youtube Thumbnail (V2)
(V2) "I might beat you up anyway!" Sparta Gamma Remix
by 09noahjohn Remasterings
3:13 - 28,729 views

No Awesomeness 1 and 2, because laziness

This will be my last GoAnimate remix for a while, because I'm working on an animation you can see here: www.youtube.com/c/SpencerEverly

All content belongs to their respective owners.


Sources by Brendan Barney
Youtube Thumbnail ( B-Day Present ) ( Contest Entry ) WHICH IS??? | Eraser has a Sparta Gamma Mix
( B-Day Present ) ( Contest Entry ) WHICH IS??? | Eraser has a Sparta Gamma Mix
by Z Spartan Official
3:9 - 7,107 views

Happy birthday, Glamorous! Today you'll be 16 ( or 17 isn't it? )

Also for tehbinmode7spartan contest entry

Full version of this one:

Rendered 2 times... Ugh!

Thanks to vibrant.wav for teaching me some Gamma custom pitch patterns and scratches, and Jario for epicness freestyle pattern!


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