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ultimate subliminal booster 1
by S roy

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Youtube Thumbnail ΕΡΡΩΣΘΕ ΙΧΩΡ ΠΑΝΤΟΚΡΑΤΩΡ Э+Є The Ιnnovative Unbreakable Booster - Subliminal Affirmations
ΕΡΡΩΣΘΕ ΙΧΩΡ ΠΑΝΤΟΚΡΑΤΩΡ Э+Є The Ιnnovative Unbreakable Booster - Subliminal Affirmations
by Royal Subliminals
16:22 - 159,747 views

hello my beautiful royals after a month working on this booster it is finally ready.
Warning !!! this booster is not a joke you will experience many metaphysical experiences beyond your human understanding
this booster is focuses heavenly on the soul and the divine truth that the ancient Greeks knew and taught
affirmations and booster layered number : INFINITE
👑divine purge (you will not longer be a negative human any negative aspect of your self will be removed.)
👑divine cosmic light cleanse
👑divine white aura
👑divine protective shield
👑divine healing
👑Activate ΙΧΩΡ ( ICHOR is the divine Greek DNA of gods it will make you a divine being and much more)
👑divine health
👑Aeolus energy ( the cosmic point where subliminal results are coming from)
👑hyperbolic time chamber
👑result clone ( a connected astral perfect identical clone of yourself that will be connected with your progression will use ur playlists 24/7
so your progression plus ur clone progression will work as double )
👑The FBI files method ( only few have these classified files , these classified files have subliminal methods that secret societies uses to create secret super soldiers methods from the ancient world)
👑the eternal booster ( basically this booster is and will be every single subliminal booster or accelerator on YouTube or anywhere on the universe that exists or not exist it has the affirmations of all boosters on the universe from the past present and future so basically this booster is all boosters forever it has all the affirmations of all boosters even of those that don't exist yet and no it wont clash with any booster on YouTube even the boosters that don't exist yet ;) )
👑free from laws of physics
👑divine Nemesis justice and protection
👑absolute truth ( know the truth of everything )
👑chakras removal (optional)
👑full body detox
👑divine freedom
👑 subliminal users method ( every time someone anywhere on the universe is having a subliminal result it will come back to you 100000000000000000000000000000000x more powerful which meansevery time someone is having a subliminal result ur results will be boosted infinite times more)
👑subliminal user mirror ( basically you will be like one of those subliminal users that have instant results :P )
👑super expanded divine subconscious mind
👑the subliminal dimension ( while you are using this booster you will be in a subliminal dimension where results works instantly so this booster is a dimension don't worry you will come back once the booster ends)
👑the cube method (while you will listen to this booster all the infinite parallel alternate versions of yourself will listen to this booster too at the same time and you will have the infinite successful results of all of your infinite parallel alternate selves)
👑the pyramid method (time will slow down on you while you will listen this booster so you will have infinite time for subliminals )
👑sirius star energy (to boost your ICHOR progression )
👑the unknown method ( basically any method that is unknown or even nonexistent yet will be used in this booster to boost your subliminal results )
👑creator energy ( you will have a connection with the creator)
👑higher self connection
👑true self connection
👑library of Alexandria knowledge
👑connect with all positive cosmic houses known and unknown
👑lost hidden knowledge
👑love your self
👑divine luck
👑master of math
👑math method (your results come as how you want them with mathematical precision)
👑the word method ( every time a living or non living being speaks your results are boosted infinitely time faster )
👑affirmations are repeated on your subconscious mind infinitely until the end of times )
👑master of belief
👑beyond the veil reality ( you will be able to go beyond the veil of reality)
👑immune to failed results
👑stop comparing yourself to others
👑all parasites removal
👑full blockages removal
👑astral body removal (optional )
👑purify and heal your soul
👑desired super power
👑desired life
👑desired reality
👑desired partner
👑desired family
👑desired hair texture ,color,style,
👑desired divine beauty
👑achieve your goals
👑evolve to the highest form
👑remove unnecessary people,affirmations, relatives etc..
👑divine success
👑protected YouTube community
👑heaven on earth
👑desired clothes
👑divine attraction
👑perfect mental state
👑Wish manipulation
👑divine concentration
👑be around true and kind people
👑desired friends
👑meet your celebrity crush
👑master of poetry and communication
👑master of Greek philosophy
👑all the affirmations will automatically translated into your native language and dialect + i wrote all the affirmations of this booster in every single language ! so you wont have to worry about not understanding the affirmations an
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