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Youtube Thumbnail Squat Party [Roblox animation]
Squat Party [Roblox animation]
by Johnpcps
2:8 - 118,348 views

lol i am bored so i make this vid lol
DO NOT CLICK THIS LINK!! https://www.youtube.com/johnpcps?sub_confirmation=1
umm... like and subscribe.....not much to say
btw thanks for watching and stay TUNED!!
Youtube Thumbnail The Assignment [OLD]
The Assignment [OLD]
by Rerun
2:6 - 96,562 views

Your boi Jimbo got an assignment, KILL rerun. How will it go out?

Total rush job.

Songs used
Nutty Acres (Jiggy Challenge) - Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts [OST]
Boss Battle - The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Music Extended
Battle Canyon - Mario Party Music Extended
You got curves, she got curves *INSTRUMENTAL*

Roblox: https://web.roblox.com/users/50829998/profile
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Rerun04_RBX
Youtube Thumbnail Homemade Sny-Soda (YTP)
Homemade Sny-Soda (YTP)
by FedoraMan Studios
1:57 - 44,891 views

This is how you make Sny-Soda! Homemade Style!
Audio belongs to Nintendo and Sega because I don't know where if comes from
Orginal Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jThU-4FBKNM
I do not own any of the audio nor the video.
Youtube Thumbnail Sny Soda Stack
Sny Soda Stack
by notive
0:43 - 98,986 views

ROBLOX Profile: https://www.roblox.com/users/28222914/profile
Discord: https://discord.gg/mhZa62V
Twitter: https://twitter.com/_notive
Like and subscribe!! if you dislike the video, it's be nice to put it in the comments section below. :) Bye!

no seriously buh bye
Youtube Thumbnail [BLOXY 2016] Vending machine
[BLOXY 2016] Vending machine
by Sny Fort
1:33 - 648,119 views

A little story about a vending machine.


Spot the sneak - Wii party
Panic pit - Mario & Luigi Dream Team
Plague Inc theme
"Agh! Won goph in mah mouph! Blech! Ptooey!" - Fire emblem: Awakening
Gallery - Left 4 Dead 2
Youtube Thumbnail Angry admin [BLOXY 2015 & 2017]
Angry admin [BLOXY 2015 & 2017]
by Sny Fort
4:14 - 1,864,456 views

Don't make Shedletsky angry...


Come along - Pokemon black/white
Vengaboys - We like to party
Battlefield - Super smash bros melee
Love theme - Mother 3
Meta knight's revenge - Super smash bros brawl
Isabelle theme - Animal crossing new leaf
Hotel - Earthbound
Profesor E. Gladd - Mario and luigi partners in time
Victory -Mario and luigi bowser inside story
Hearth warming - Pokemon MD explorers of sky

''BOOM'' sounds by Sr Pelo
Youtube Thumbnail [ohok1k] + [Electro62 WINNER] ohok blaster
[ohok1k] + [Electro62 WINNER] ohok blaster
by JaxMC
2:19 - 190,178 views

Watch yourself.

WARNING: this video contains loud noises, so better dont use headphones or at least use them with a lower volume.
This video took me around 570 screenshots and 16 video clips.
Credits to the maker of the map i used, i forgot his name lol.
Most of the face decals are made by notive, while some are made by me. There are some made by ICan and maxthemink too.

-We are experiencing technical difficulties - please stand by
-Ryu - Rondo Alla Turca (Ryu Remix)
-Danger Abounds - Mario Party 5
-le prof
-Ripple Field 3 - Kirby's Dream Land
-The Star Festival - Super Mario Galaxy
-Ride To The Sky - Kirby's Dream Course
-Jungle Japes Boss - Donkey Kong 64
-Sad Piano Music
-Friends 3 - Kirby's Dream Land 3

anyways, if you like the video, like it.
maybe even subscribe, but idk, you make the choice.

thanks for watching!

btw if you are wildy then all i want to tell you is "oh ok".
Youtube Thumbnail [NotiveChill10k] Notive is Hungry
[NotiveChill10k] Notive is Hungry
by ttar
1:38 - 323,914 views

Things I learned making this
1. Cool face implementation
2. Download more voices/sounds
3. Dont be lazy
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