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Sophie's the wettest in da building

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Youtube Thumbnail Sophie's Choice Trailer
Sophie's Choice Trailer
by SarahG
2:20 - 246,914 views

Fan-made trailer
Youtube Thumbnail She The Wetest in the Building
She The Wetest in the Building
by Monocomb
5:41 - 112,296 views


Wet wet wet she the wettest in the building (x3) Man that girl look like a million dollars though Wet wet wet she the wettest in the building (x3) Man that girl look like a million dollars though

What's that yo girlfriend said she highly upset? She was talkin' like she wanted SuperDay to come and get it wet. So I made it wet, I had to make it wet it. Then I went swimming like a shark hammerhead. You know my head wet. That girl made my whole body wet. And it was drippin' off and it wasn't even sweat. I mean that girl had me like like like penis wet though. Wet wet wet that girl made me real wet.

Wet wet wet she the wettest in the building (x2) Man that girl look like a million dollars though Wet wet wet wet wettest in the building Wet wet wet she the wettest in the building (x2) Man that girl look like a million dollars though

I'm tryin' to find a treasure chest. I'm tryin' to find your pearl girl cuz I beat it I'm the best and now she like she ain't worried about the rest cuz I plant that flagpole and left it real wet, like. Wet wet wet had her wetter than a skip rock. Then I was howlin' like a wolf puppy dawg that I heard roar like a lion. Cuz...what...I'm.... beast now and I left it real wet. Like wet wet wet, wet wet ROAAAAAAAAAAAAH beast mode wet! Wettest in the buildin' (x2) . God dammit wettest in the building. Wet wet, I left the girl real wet. Wet wet, I left that girl.... Wettest in the building (x2)

Aye, don't that girl look like a million dollars though? SuperDay. Buy you sumthin'. Nothin' but brought to you, POW! You're girl is riddin' with me. Dolla's doe (x4) She look like a billion!

Girl lookin' real crispy cut feel like a coca-cola bottle that's wassup! God dammit that girl I be slammin'. I go full up I go ham and jelly. Peanut butter god dammit. Imma piss on my dog. I don't give a curl knock that thing out they frag. I'm own beat it up bang bang. I it up pops style. I don't give a cur I could crawl like a dog now. I don't give a damn watch my...watch my trunks slam. Heya I get laid it how. I'm gonna lay a turkey gonna think it's Thanksgivin'. That girl be like dang nug Thanksgivin'. Yes it get chilly yeah I get silly. Hit the cushion yuh hell yeah I'm chilly.

Jennae! Don't leave me, Jennae! And I beat it up two time, beat it up three time, four time. That's a dime. One more that's a dime. Now she fine. God damnit yes god damn it. Coochie on my rahsis yes I be slammin. Motherfucka what's the deal, motherfuckin' chill. (dog barks) Hold up hey yeah, what's the deal? There's some paper on the ground. Yeah it be lost might not be found. Fuckin' with me I'm SuperDay. Pullin' up yeah I'm black over damn gray all the way. All the way. No I ain't to raiders though. I done pulled up lookin' for a pager, lookin' for the hater. Nigga fuck hoe ass look I pull up I swear bit up. What's the dildo?

I just smoked a whole bunch of drunk ain't no dunk and I'm higher than an allico, higher than the twin towers. But that's dumb that's my imagination. I done pulled up ain't playin' no PlayStation. Look up at the TV see somebody gettin' bang banged. I below bay. Look I'm gon sway. God dammit fuck you super on my brain. I ain't combed my hair in two weeks or five days. Foteen plus god damn. I done pulled up...in the...

I don't claim any of this video as my own.
All rights belong to Supa Day Productions
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