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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions.

Question : I try to watch a mashup with many videos (more than 3) but it's really slow.
Answer : Many Youtube videos simultaneously involves large CPU and large bandwidth usage. Try to check the "low quality" checkbox at the bottom right of videos. If it's still slow, try with another more powerful computer.

Question : I use more than once a specific video in a mashup, and only one is loading.
Answer : It's a "safety" from Youtube to prevent loading several times the same video. Wait a little bit (or pause all videos), then others will start loading too. You can also specify a different starting position for each video of your mashup, this will force all loading at the same time.

Question : The video does not start at the selected starting position.
Answer : Youtube videos works with a 2 seconds range for any starting position. It's a technical choice from Youtube, it's life.

Question : Some videos do not start, and I got the message Video Player is too small.
Answer : For some videos (especially officials music videos), Youtube embedded player must have at leat 200px by 200px. It's a limitation from Youtube. You probably try to make/watch a mashup with 6 or 8 videos. Try to expand the size of you browser and reload the page, use less videos in your mashup or try to find videos which are not minimum-size limited.

Question : How does the "top views" ranking works? I don't understand how the "points" are attributed.
Answer : It's a secret! We use a formula designed to rank the mashups the best way possible. If you want to make your mashup really famous, you should share it on social media (Facebook, Twitter and GooglePlus) and generate views from people who like your creation :)