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Witcher 3 Quest of the manwhore

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Youtube Thumbnail The Witcher 3 - Teaser (Wild Hunt Title Reveal)
The Witcher 3 - Teaser (Wild Hunt Title Reveal)
by HDPLAY Gaming Channel
0:50 - 36,151 views

(2013) The Witcher 3 Teaser (Wild Hunt Title Reveal)

The Witcher 3 is coming in 2014 on PC and "all high-end platforms available" (CD Projekt RED isn't saying flat-out that it's a next-gen game, but it's a safe bet that new console announcements in the coming months will define the term "high-end platform"), The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt stretches from stormy islands to war-torn forests and a sprawling dark fantasy metropolis without a loading screen anywhere to be found.

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Youtube Thumbnail Quest of the Manwhore
Quest of the Manwhore
by Greasy Tales
1:18 - 2,168,948 views

Watch Passion of the Manwhore: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_dm0Ksl7isc

Quest of the Manwhore t-shirts: http://sexualobster.spreadshirt.com/

Listen to/Download the song: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/413260

If you like my stuff and want to see more of it, consider becoming a patron http://patreon.com/sexualobster

Watch looped version: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/567351


Many of you will have seen this before. It was sponsored by http://Newgrounds.com, so up until now it has lived on the Newgrounds channel. But Tom from Newgrounds, being a generous and kind man of much benevolence, has said that I can upload it to my channel.

Gaze into my chocolate eyes
Let my music sterilise
Give to me your hard earned coin
I'll share with you my tortured groin

What you're feeling is not weird
You want to burrow in my beard
Gaze upon my chiselled abs
I no longer have the crabs

My rhymes will grab you by the throat
And ride you like a sturdy goat
I will drown you in my scent
with or without your consent

I am a whore of some renown
Your buttocks are my hunting ground
I am a manwhore without peer
Absorbing sex from the atmosphere

Pressure building like a cyst
I want to share with you love's fist
I'll lick your feet, I'll wear a collar
I'll do anything for a dollar

I will fit you like a glove
More precious than a father's love
not that i would really know

I like my women rich and young
The kiss of yoghurt on my tongue
I wield a fleshy latin sword
Raptor jesus is my lord

Let me be your phantom limb
Crack and yoghurt keeps me slim.
Struggling with modernity
A whore for all eternity

My facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/greasytales
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