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XBox, Wind Blow Strong

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Youtube Thumbnail Controlling the Wind by Psychic ESP Power in Sept. 2009
Controlling the Wind by Psychic ESP Power in Sept. 2009
by revelation13net
3:21 - 14,157 views

Making the wind blow by psychic psychokinesis ESP power, in Sept.2009. Telekinesis, telekinetic psychic power is focused to make the wind blow when there is no wind, when it is perfectly calm, by amateur psychic T. Chase and the wind starts to blow in seconds.
T. Chase then makes the wind stop on command.
Also see the videos where clouds are made to disappear by telekinesis. Psychokinesis or psychokinetic power is an ability that humans have but is rarely used. Watch this video and try it yourself. This may even indicate psychic mind over matter telepathic weather control and turning away hurricanes is possible by the dormant mental psychic powers of psychokinesis, if focused strongly enough by powerful psychics with level 5 mind ESP mental psychic power. I know you probably think this is not possible, but try it yourself and you may find you can do it.

This page of my web site shows my psychokinesis videos in detail with still pictures from them:


My web site:


Copyright 2009 by T. Chase. From the Revelation13.net web site, for more on this see Revelation13.net (Revelation 13: Prophecies of the Future, Astrology, Nostradamus, Bible Prophecy, the King James version English Bible Code.)
Youtube Thumbnail Xbox One Reveal 2013 Highlights
Xbox One Reveal 2013 Highlights
by Darkbeat
1:41 - 8,231,450 views

Here are the highlights from the Microsoft Xbox One event that was held on May 21st 2013
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