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by Angelo Andre Pinzon Tupi

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Youtube Thumbnail [UTAU] A True, True Friend
[UTAU] A True, True Friend
by sango312
3:29 - 1,536,485 views

This was kinda a suggestion to make, so I did!

I was pretty disappointed with the season 3 finale but I loved the songs. I already have the .vsqs done for them, I just have to pick who I'm gonna use.
Pony designs by SaltyWaffleFry
Apple Jack = Ariella ( MooncrafterUTAU)
Pinkie Pie = Reni Kaeru (UtauReni)
Rarity = Neko Kanochi (Me)
Twilight = Chiyoko Hibanane (Ritz)
Fluttershy = Namida (AkiGlancy)
Rainbow Dash = Aiko Kikyuune (UTAUxyz)

Download .vsqx .vsq and .ust
Pinkie Pie doesn't really sing in this song, and there was little point to just add her in at the end so don't be shocked that there is nothing for Pinkie.

Art by me.
Youtube Thumbnail My Little Pony: A True, True Friend, background pony version (FULL)
My Little Pony: A True, True Friend, background pony version (FULL)
by YatzSliversword
3:42 - 14,563,232 views

Good Lord, how did this get so popular? o_o People, please keep in mind this was more of a test of our animation program, and not something intended to actually be put out there and have people saying positive stuff about it. We are capable of much better, and positive comments and appreciated, but just saying, this is old, and we can do much better now! :D

Just to keep everyone straight, here's a list of ponies!

Luna = Twilight

Derpy = Rainbow Dash

Lyra = Fluttershy

Octavia = Applejack

Vinyl Scratch = Rarity

Bon-Bon = Pinkie Pie

Animated with ToonBoom Studio V0.7
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