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20 -100 char. required
by dallas

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Youtube Thumbnail Object Mayhem - Object Mayhem - Episode 8:
Object Mayhem - Object Mayhem - Episode 8: "Chickens Can't Fly''
6:33 - 489,658 views

Yup it's here, but short. Anyhow I hope you enjoy it.

Oh and music by Kevin Macleod from Incompetech.com.
Youtube Thumbnail

0: - 0 views

Youtube Thumbnail The Strive For The Million episode 2:
The Strive For The Million episode 2: "The obstacle is the path"
by deedo886
13:14 - 1,055,945 views

So after the contestants experience their first elimination, Mic announces that the challenge is an obstacle course, some obstacles are easy, others not so much and some contestants may scream, fall, or maybe even get frozen.
Who will be the first eliminated? And who will win the challenge?
Find out in this episode of "The Strive For The Million".
This episode was meant to be an april fools special and come out on april 1st but due to some delays, it came out on june 28th.
Youtube Thumbnail Eddsworld - Tom's Tales Of Awesome
Eddsworld - Tom's Tales Of Awesome
by Eddsworld
3:42 - 2,590,764 views

Lemons and pennies and chairs! Oh my!
Animated by Edd 'Eddsworld' Gould (http://youtube.com/eddsworld)
Written and Voiced by Thomas ‘TomSka’ Ridgewell (http://youtube.com/tom)

Tom's Tales of Brilliance (http://youtu.be/Eh6dfwURbB0)
Tom's Tales of Crazy (http://youtu.be/5XQTGyiifNY)

Shirts/Posters (http://sharkrobot.com/eddsworld)
Soundtrack (http://eddsworld.bandcamp.com)
Twitter (http://twitter.com/eddsworld)
Tumblr (http://eddsworld.tumblr.com)
Facebook (http://fb.com/eddsworld)

"Made by Me" - Edd
Youtube Thumbnail ObjectCon 1- The Beginning
ObjectCon 1- The Beginning
by Anko6theAnimator
2:44 - 87,989 views

So, this is a little animation I made out of a recording from ObjectCon 1, and I had lots of fun with it! :D I turned it into a promo for ObjectCon 2, which I'm even more excited to attend!!! So, this is kinda' how I imagined it would look like if we were all actually objects and were at ObjectCon, and yes, I was jumping around and breathing heavily when I first met Adam, Brian and Sam. XD Yay, footage? lol.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this fun little animation, and I also hope to see you at ObjectCon August 2013! :D Thanks for watching!
Youtube Thumbnail Eddsworld - Hammer & Fail (Part 1)
Eddsworld - Hammer & Fail (Part 1)
by Eddsworld
6:37 - 9,405,476 views

Part 1: Rival Builders
Animated and Co-Written by Edd 'Eddsworld' Gould (http://youtube.com/eddsworld),
Written by Tom Bown (http://twitter.com/bown),
Featuring Thomas ‘TomSka’ Ridgewell (http://youtube.com/tom),
Matt Hargreaves (http://youtube.com/matt),
Chris O'Neill (http://youtube.com/oneyng),
Eddie Bowley (http://youtube.com/eddache),
Benjamin Rudman (http://benjaminrudman.com),
and Max Gilardi (http://youtube.com/hotdiggedydemon)

Harry Partridge - Hammer & Fail Opening Theme (http://youtube.com/HarryPartridge)
Sam Houston - Obligatory Building Montage (http://youtube.com/TheAVSpecial)

Website (http://eddsworld.co.uk)
Shirts/Posters (http://eddsworld.co.uk/store)
Soundtrack (http://eddsworld.bandcamp.com)
Twitter (http://twitter.com/eddsworld)
Tumblr (http://eddsworld.tumblr.com)
Facebook (http://fb.com/eddsworld)

Special thanks to Julian, Chris, Ian, Harry, and Ross.

"Part one of two: Rival Builders (Second part arriving after an Xmas special) Matt and his kleptomaniac ways force the others to build an extention to their house, they soon find they aren't the only amateur builders in the neighbourhood." - Edd
Youtube Thumbnail Challenge To Win Episode 7 - Don't cry baby!
Challenge To Win Episode 7 - Don't cry baby!
by 100dcx
7:34 - 158,739 views

THE BEST EPISOD EVAR!!! Until now. Also it chould be cool if you can do a reaction video with this video.

So this time, the contestants choosed who to be eliminated, you are ready to see who is? Well, they have a new challenge, it's about babies, anyway, at the end, you will see what will you comment.





Youtube Thumbnail Eddworld Eddworlds Eddsworld Climate Change
Eddworld Eddworlds Eddsworld Climate Change
by icyrainfalltoday
3:40 - 897,938 views

Edd, Matt, and Tom save the world.

RIP Edd Gould 1988-2012
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