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Let's Remake FTW 02 --- Sparta Extended Remixes Side-By-Side 21
by IHATEbr01n3z

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Youtube Thumbnail I Love Kung Fu - Sparta Extended Remix (720p) (My birthday gift for BowserFireBreath)
I Love Kung Fu - Sparta Extended Remix (720p) (My birthday gift for BowserFireBreath)
by Terrakion #639 (A.K.A. CannonBolt Phoenix)
2:21 - 196,681 views

It have been really a pain that I left without Internet Connection on my house, and I'm still Trying to solve personal issues. However, this one is my 83rd submission for Youtube, my 15º HD video, with 720p quality, my birthday gift for BowserFireBreath (BTW, his birthday was on May 2th, sorry for the late upload) and my first attempt of a Sparta Remix, using the catchy phrase from Kung Fu Panda, "I Love Kung Fu". I know it's kinda late for his gift, but everybody knows me, better late than never. Now, take yourself confortable, and enjoy this Sparta Extended Remix! :D
WARNING.- Maybe loud sound and music.

The catchy phrase would be.-
This is Noodles!

P. S.- This one is another 720p Kung Fu Panda Video made by me, and a special birthday gift for my friend "BowserFireBreath".
P. S. 2.- A really bad new. One of my dearest friend, TheMummyOfHeatFreak, gets his account deleted (Damn you, Youtube). Now, for people that want to track him, he have a new account, it's username is "TheZombieOfHeatFreak". Go ahead and suscribe him again, :)
P. S. 3.- Just If you haven't figured it out yet, PandamoniumPo and BowserFireBreath are the same user, he close his original account and open the new one, "BowserFireBreath".

¡Happy Birthday, BowserFireBreath!

Special thanks.-
Dreamworks Pictures (For make awesome 3D movies, like Kung Fu Panda and How to Train Your Dragon)
Vegas 9.0 (That's right, now I have and I use Sony Vegas Pro 9.0, being compatible with VC-1, AVC High Profile and many others. Now Vegas is more kickass than ever)
Cartoon Network (For bring everybody amazing series like Ben 10, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Ranma One-half, Transformers Animated, etc.)
TheZombieOfHeatFreak, BowserFireBreath, xVxShinoxVx, Taniko999, thedriveintheater, thedriveintheater, AEmovieguy and ByKanonGoldens (their videos are a great inspiration for my videos)
Cannonbolt, Panda Po, Bulkhead and Dusknoir (For being so funny, so fatty and so cute all of them) ;)
Akane Tendo (For being so beautiful and so cute, even if Ranma said the opposite) ;)

NOTE 1.- I don't own neither the clips or the music, only the way that were conformed this video.
NOTE 2.- No more request to my mail, please. Download link coming soon!

Greeting from Puebla, Mexico.
CP's Big Brotherotaku and Ben 10: The Abridged Series coming soon!
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Youtube Thumbnail Super Sponge! [Sparta Extended Mix] [V3]
Super Sponge! [Sparta Extended Mix] [V3]
by Jario
2:14 - 174,641 views

This is probably my newest best visual-wise Sparta Remix now. Also, this could be considered a better 1,000 subscribers celebration than my MLP Season 4 remix's description.

Spongebob Squarepants is owned by Viacom. Oh, and this video ain't meant for money or whatever. It's just for your entertainment and stuff. (The episode's name is "The Paper" and it's from Season 1.)
Base is by Keaton
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