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AG: 25 Feet Hip Hip Hop

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Youtube Thumbnail STAPLES sponsor video
STAPLES sponsor video
by stalbert55plusgames
1:41 - 123 views

Staples St. Albert speaks with the St. Albert 2011 Alberta 55 Plus Winter Games on their generous support and sponsorship of this event
Youtube Thumbnail Exclusive WWE 2K14 Gameplay Trailer (Official)
Exclusive WWE 2K14 Gameplay Trailer (Official)
by WWE 2K
1:31 - 1,451,102 views

Watch exclusive gameplay featuring the WWE 2K14 roster, including Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Goldberg, Daniel Bryan and The Shield! WWE.2K.com
Youtube Thumbnail 102 Dalmatians - Puppies to the Rescue - Toy Store (Walkthrough)
102 Dalmatians - Puppies to the Rescue - Toy Store (Walkthrough)
by Banjo
13:53 - 105,275 views

A playthrough of 102 Dalmatians - Puppies to the Rescue's second level - Toy Store. All the bones, puppie boxes and Stickers obtained.

Dowload the game:
Youtube Thumbnail (PTD) Pokemon Tower Defence part 49 - Fuchsia Gym
(PTD) Pokemon Tower Defence part 49 - Fuchsia Gym
by oldschoolgamer33
6:18 - 80,535 views

Once you turn up in Fuchsia City, Erika says she can smell something "stinky". Out of no where an old man known only as Sensei appears. He tells you that you are surrounded and to go to the gym quietly or you shall be poisoned. You then go to Fuchsia Gym, where there are 5 Janine. One tries to speak but is told to get back in line by the Sensei. He says you must defeat them in a gym battle to be allowed to talk with Janine. He gives you a tip to watch out for the Giant Muk as one touch is enough to faint a Pokemon.

Waves: 9
Spots: 12
Defending: Rare Candy (1)

The giant Muk uses a move known as Muk's Gas. Its type is Extreme Poison, and as such, it will not affect Steel-types or Poison-types. As its power is at 400, however, it will likely OHKO everything else. For this reason, it is best to use Poison-types and Magneton in this gym almost exclusively.
It is best to use some of the many Poison-types in this level, but be careful with them, as the Drowzee and Hypno constantly attack with Confusion, which will hit them for great damage. It is advisable to use at least one Magneton, as in addition to being immune to Muk's Gas, it even resists Drowzee and Hypno's Confusion. The only drawback to this is that Magneton lacks any attacks that are super-effective against any of the gym's Pokémon. If it is sufficiently leveled, however, a good Flash Cannon or Thunderbolt will be more than sufficient.

The giant Muk is the least of your concerns in this level, provided your Pokémon are immune to its Muk's Gas move; it won't take the Rare Candy, but everything else (including the smaller Muk) will.

A good strategy is to use a high level Magneton or two with Flash Cannon, a couple of high-level Gengar with Psychic (place them after the Magneton so they run less of a risk of being hit by Confusion), and a Tentacruel with Hydro Pump (good for dealing general damage to everything, but especially effective on the Sandslash). It's also advisable to place a Golbat with Whirlwind near the Rare Candy to make oncoming Pokémon that weren't handled by the rest of your team turn around for another beating.

Another good strategy involves using the following Pokémon with the following moves: Magnemite or Magneton using Discharge (since it has a paralysis chance of 30%) or Thunder (just make sure to use a Pokémon with Rain Dance), Venonat or Venomoth using any Psychic-type move (preferably Psychic), Ekans/Arbok using Mud Bomb or Dig, Venusaur using Solarbeam (or Giga Drain to get health) and Nidoking or Nidoqueen using Roar, positioned near the candy to turn anything around that survived yout other five Pokémon.

A good method is having 4 Nidoking using Earth Power in the first 3 slots and the fifth slot from the left, and 2 Gengar using Shadow Ball in the sixth and seventh slots. Recommended levels for your Pokémon are in the 65-75 range, so that Confusion doesn't do too much damage.

You would only need 3 Gengars, 1 Magneton and 1 Nidoking. Helping Hand always helps. Gengar can use Psychic and Dark Pulse, but Magneton is more recommended to be the first one to attack. For some REAL fun, get a Ditto to Muk's Gas any non-poison types. Transform will make Ditto a Poison type, so not to worry.

One of the easiest ways is to have 6 Venonats/Venomoths with Hyper Beam, a Magneton with Zap Cannon and a Nindoqueen with Roar. Put Magneton infront and Nindoqueen just infront of the candy, and the venomaths spread inbetween. Just be careful about Hypnosis when Hypno comes.

Boss Move Wave
Giant Muk Muk's Gas 1, 6
Venonat 1, 2, 4, 7
Drowzee Confusion 2, 3, 5, 7
Grimer 3, 5
Koffing 3, 6, 9
Arbok 4
Sandslash 4
Weezing 7, 9
Hypno Confusion 7
Venomoth 8
Muk 9
Youtube Thumbnail

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Youtube Thumbnail Timao & Pumba - Cinema (English Version)
Timao & Pumba - Cinema (English Version)
by greenyphatom2009
1:9 - 330,363 views

This the English Version of this video inspired by geosword2011
Youtube Thumbnail YouTube poop Spongebob and Patrick die
YouTube poop Spongebob and Patrick die
by downzi104
2:16 - 5,944,351 views

It says it all in the title!I'll be posting new vids every Friday from now on!MY LINKS:
TWITTER: http://twitter.com/downzi104
(C)Viacom 2008
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