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Franz the red Fox Quadparison
by Teh19thSpartan

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Youtube Thumbnail [SFM/Sparta Remix] Everybody do the Flop (Ed, Edd & Eddy edition)
[SFM/Sparta Remix] Everybody do the Flop (Ed, Edd & Eddy edition)
by Franzeco333
2:31 - 43,156 views

EDDYbody do the Sparta
Finally! I have like 2 weeks of Freedom!
Base: Madhouse V3 by KeatonKeaton999 & Sonicknockoff
Original EVERYODY DO THE FLOP music by LilDeuceDeuce
ASDFMovie by Tomska
Ed, Edd & Eddy by Danny Antonucci
Youtube Thumbnail FLUTTERRABIA (FlutterRage) [Sparta Zozey Edition Madhouse Remix]
FLUTTERRABIA (FlutterRage) [Sparta Zozey Edition Madhouse Remix]
by Franzeco333
2:32 - 21,401 views

Donde Fluttershy se vuelve... una madhouse ._.

Basado en "FLUTTERRAGE [Sparta Zozey Edition Madhouse Remix]" de Zozey1231


Sé que he estado algo distante, pero ni aún en vacaciones tengo tiempo suficiente para mí -_- Y además el Vegas Pro 9 no me ha dejado "Trabajar" bien, claro que estoy descargando la versión 11, bueno, disfruten y "comparen" ;)

Aún trabajo en mi especial de 125 Subs... Uff...

My Little Pony: La Magia de la Amistad (c) Hasbro, The Hub, Lauren Faust et al.
Modelos de Freestyle por KingSpartaX37, Zozey1231.
Base por Zozey1231
Re-Make por franzeco333
Youtube Thumbnail Dross Rotzank NOOO!!! Sparta Electro Pop Mix
Dross Rotzank NOOO!!! Sparta Electro Pop Mix
by Franzeco333
2:30 - 4,900 views

Drossito y un NO bien potente remixado :D
Fuente: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vSebpkpNao0
Youtube Thumbnail [VERY late 100 Subs Special] All my Creations have a Sparta Madhouse V3 Remix
[VERY late 100 Subs Special] All my Creations have a Sparta Madhouse V3 Remix
by Franzeco333
2:31 - 1,769 views

This is my 100th Video!! :D
Nov.21.2017 Edit: This WAS my 100th video.
Umm... This is my... 133 Subs Special... I think.
I couldn´t Upload this before because of Sony Vegas Pro- blems... And School :(

- ¿Can you feel the Sunshine?
- I´m Blue
- Beep ( Bip )
- Hasta la Vista, Baby
- Red Zone
- Weegee ( This is Brooklin )
- Sparta Ultra Remix
- Punch Sound Effect
- 1 up Mushroom
- Eric Cartman ( Crying like a Baby )
- Close the door ( Clouse teh doah ) - Dinamita Show
- Madre, hay una sola - Dinamita Show
- A callad hijo de P*ta - Dinamita Show
- Homer Simpson
*Deleted Video*
- This is Sparta Techno Remix
- Bart Simpson
*Deleted Video*
- Super Mario World
- Sheldon Cooper ( Bazinga )
- Dramatick Chipmunk
- Gohan
- Fresh Prince of Bell Air
- El Príncipe del Rap en Bell Air
- Fluttershy ( FlutterRage / FlutterRabia )
- I bleed it Out ( Linkin Park )

Wow... That´s too much :)

I just want to say Thank You, Thank you so much!
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