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Object Show Mashup Episode 1 Old
by Nikhil Bhise

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Youtube Thumbnail BFDI 1a: Take the Plunge
BFDI 1a: Take the Plunge
by jacknjellify
7:2 - 58,494,768 views

BFDI CHAT: https://discord.gg/nMat73C
Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8LY0o_CgPR8
RECOMMEND A CHARACTER: https://patreon.com/jacknjellify
Source files: http://bfdi.tv/assets
Twitter: http://twitter.com/jacknjellify

Twenty characters' fight for Dream Island begins when a mysterious speaker-thing falls from the sky, sparking competition!

Music by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com), licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0"
Youtube Thumbnail “The Crappy Cliff” – Inanimate Insanity [Ep. 1]
“The Crappy Cliff” – Inanimate Insanity [Ep. 1]
by AnimationEpic
5:2 - 1,837,167 views

And the contest takes off. MePhone4 announces that 14 random contests were chosen to compete for a 1,000,000 dollar prize! Who will win the first challenge? Who will the team captains be? Find out on the first ever episode of Inanimate Insanity!

And yes, Christian Potenza, the voice of Chris McLean on Total Drama Island, is MePhone4.

This video has been RE-UPLOADED! It's original upload date was April 1st, 2011.
Youtube Thumbnail Object Mayhem - Object Mayhem - Episode 1: ''Unusual But Good''
Object Mayhem - Object Mayhem - Episode 1: ''Unusual But Good''
6:59 - 396,212 views

Here it is, the first episode of Object Mayhem! Being the brother show to to Object Universe, Object Mayhem was made in the summer of 2012. It was originally released on the YouTube channel 'Kingsley2468' but due to that channel being shut down, it was revived on this channel (UltraToons). However, now you can watch the episode that started it all!

Voting ended on August 7th, 2012 on the original video.

Thanks to jacknjellify and AnimationEpic for the inspiration to make this object show.

Royalty Free Music By Kevin MacLeod.
Youtube Thumbnail

0: - 0 views

Youtube Thumbnail Brawl Of The Objects Episode 1 - How It All Began
Brawl Of The Objects Episode 1 - How It All Began
by Anko6theAnimator
7:33 - 918,021 views

So, fourteen contestants are bunched together in this grassy world having happy-fun-times, when suddenly this videogame controller appears and brings them into his competition for a prize of great value! Dang, he could've at least told us what it was. The first challenge will decide who will choose the teams for the competition, but who will be the choosers? Find out in this epic first episode of BOTO! :D


The first episode of Brawl of the Objects, YEAH! I've realized how long it takes to animate now, it's not as easy as it may seem. I'm happy with the outcome of this episode, but I'd love some feedback! :D Like, what could I improve or do less of? Also, if you're gonna' give me feedback, please don't be rude about it.


Q: Agh, where was my recommended character!? o.o
A: I didn't expect I'd already be getting recommended characters (I am accepting them), but I made a spot for them to show up next episode.

Q: Wait, what's the grand prize for BOTO?
A: I did that on purpose, it's a secret until next episode! :)

Q: Why didn't you use the BFDI or II assets?
A: Well, I don't want to copy off of them too much, and I thought it'd be fun to make my own assets! :D

Q: Do you like Tootsie Rolls?
A: Why yes, I do! So chewy!

Q: Can I voice act? You have so many roles!
A: My answer is no, but I might give a role or two to my older brother if he wanted.

Q: How many episodes of BOTO will there be?
A: I don't know, I can be a bit unorganized.

Q: Anko, you can speak French!?
A: Yes, yes I can. XD

If you have any other questions, I'll gladly answer! :)

Enjoy, everybody! :D

New Friendly, Movement Proposition, Itty Bitty 8 Bit, Kick Shock - Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

More Eight Bit Stabs - teknoaxe (http://www.youtube.com/user/teknoaxe)
Youtube Thumbnail

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Youtube Thumbnail Challenge To Win episode 1 - The Meeting
Challenge To Win episode 1 - The Meeting
by 100dcx
6:12 - 208,283 views





With weeks of working it's done! We (100dcx and Xnabber) took a lot of time to make this. Even if it's school we did it.

Challange To Win episode 1: The meeting

This is the first time when contestants are seeing theirself, but they see the host too! It is Blue Planet, the objects are doing challanges to win the big prize, THEIR OWN BEACH.

Now accepting reccomanded characters.

Voting ends in 1 Octomber.


Duration: 6 Minutes


Watch in high quality: http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/DC1/2790047
Youtube Thumbnail *OLD* Object Overload: Episode 1 - The End of the Beginning
*OLD* Object Overload: Episode 1 - The End of the Beginning
by XanyLeaves
7:4 - 1,642,141 views

When a gaming console strolls into the isolated land of the objects, the competition kicks off, with the winner receiving a million dollar reward, however, it won't be easy, it will take months of competing to decide the winner, and it starts right here, on Object Overload!

Special thanks to AnimationEpic, TeenChampion, and Michael from Jacknjellify, for helping me export the episode and finally get it on YouTube after months of technical issues.

NOTE: The future episodes of Object Overload are not going to be uploaded on a specific schedule like other shows. It will be uploaded simply whenever I have time and complete the episodes. Stay tuned for more!
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