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PMV EXTREME InSaNiTy (Reupload from BViddiandude)
by Stencyl KyoobSparta Reupload

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Youtube Thumbnail MLP-iNSaNiTY (PMV)
by Ugnė Šveikauskaitė
3:50 - 810,957 views

100,000+ views..Guys, are you SERIOUS? o-o So many of you o.o Ty!!!
Here it is! ^^ Please watch :33 I worked really a lot on this one ':o ~First pmv!~
All videos belongs to Hasbro and MLP creators.
Music mixed by Flika77.
Video editor is CyberLink PowerDirector 11.
Pictures taken from Google.
Effects adding and editing is by me Ugne2002 (LPSPW)
Youtube Thumbnail Twilight Sparkle - iNSaNiTY [PMV]
Twilight Sparkle - iNSaNiTY [PMV]
by mettamaxie
5:03 - 410,215 views

I meant to finish this a while ago, but I never had the time to. |D But anyways, I wanted to make a PMV for iNSaNiTY, but I saw that I use Pinkamena too much for PMVs so I used insane Twilight. :u But I'm glad with the final result~

Okay, so the whole story with this is that Twilight is slowly beginning to slip into insanity after she realizes she's hopeless/helpless. However, her normal self won't allow it, so the two sides begin arguing and fighting for the more dominant status. Basically, Twilight is having a mental mind battle, and she believes that the two sides are actually in seperate bodies, so they have no relation body-wise. Meanwhile, Spike is attempting to knock some sense into Twilight, and it finally works. Twilight then remembers the past, in which she was a filly and was able to keep her emotions stable. However, at the end, she scares her filly self off, making the insanity win over the sanity. In the end, sane Twilight is beginning to fade, and she tells insane Twilight to stop. However, insane Twilight simply asks her if she's realized what's actually happening in this situation, in which sane Twilight is confused. She asks her what she means and insane Twilight reminds her that her friends are gone and she can't help herself at all. Sane Twilight simply stares as she begins to fade. Insane Twilight then takes over and now Twilight Sparkle is permanently insane.

Song Used: iNSaNiTY by Vocaloid

Twilight Sparkle (c) Hasbro, Lauren Faust
Vectors (c) Respective owners on DeviantART
Music (c) Creators of Vocaloid

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