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Sparta Remix Nineparison Eightparison (V2)

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Youtube Thumbnail Nineparison: Omegajynx's favourite extended Sparta Remixes
Nineparison: Omegajynx's favourite extended Sparta Remixes
by omegajynx
2:28 - 219,861 views

I've made a nineparison whit my favourite Extended Sparta remixes.

there are some I like moar, but they aren't extended or haven't a normal base.

this video contais this Sparta remixes:

1. Homer Screaming Has a Sparta Remix

2. Windows 98 has an EXTENDED Sparta Remix

3. The Best "All Toasters Toast Toast" Sparta Remix On Youtube

4. Spartagon

5. Kamehameha [Sparta Remix]

6. Xatu Sparta Remix - ネイティオ スパルタ リミックス


8. Morshu Has Once Again Another Sparta Remix

9. Spartan Romance

Credits to their respective autors (6. Xatu sparta remix belongs to me.)

Sorry is the audio tracks aren't perfect synchronized. Its the most synchronized I achieve whit sony vegas 8. I will try it to synchronize the audio tracks whit audacity.
Youtube Thumbnail Sparta Nineparison 3
Sparta Nineparison 3
by DrMarioFan128
2:58 - 29,971 views

Youtube Thumbnail My Sparta Nineparison 1
My Sparta Nineparison 1
by Spartan Dash
2:31 - 20,056 views

Remixes belong to, LeFrenchSpartan, YoungMusic44, chicoesparta76, 09noahjohn, xXTronixKid98Xx, MinerPeruvianSpartanPro J.X.D.Jeremias, John Quacks, Agentrockluxury2, and DanDaManStudios1
i am going to make more of these
Youtube Thumbnail

0: - 0 views

Youtube Thumbnail Teh24thSpartan's Nineparison
Teh24thSpartan's Nineparison
by JVids24
2:43 - 92,420 views

Top Left: NO! - Sparta 'The March To Athens' Base
Top Center: The Class 360 & Class 450 have a Sparta Atlantic Remix
Top Right: Laces, Or No Laces! - Sparta Vertex Remix
Mid Left: Tennis Ball has a Sparta Xleth Remix V1.5
Mid Center: Dental Plan! - Sparta Madhouse Remix ZE
Mid Right: Applejack - Is That A Challenge?! [Sparta Legendary Iron Remix]
Bottom Left: What?! - Sparta EXTENDED Remix
Bottom Center: PHASE THREE! - Sparta Hyper V2.25 Remix
Bottom Right: The Mine Turtle has a Sparta Back-to-Basics MkII Remix
Youtube Thumbnail

0: - 0 views

Youtube Thumbnail

0: - 0 views

Youtube Thumbnail zonic14game sparta nineparison
zonic14game sparta nineparison
by Agentrockluxury2
3:13 - 40,119 views

I told ya I'd do it.

And also, it contains a message at the beginning, plz read it.

Top left: [100 subs special] this sparta remix contains (almost) every freestyle of my creations
Top center: Angry Birds gets captured [sparta remix]
Top right: Nigel has a sparta remix
center left: Ask That Guy that has sparta remix with some sort of a drunky freestyle
center: the balls are inert [sparta EXTENDED remix]
center right: Rio dance sparta remix
bottom left: TF2's funniest sparta remix in the world
bottom center: Vat19 has a sparta remix.mp4
bottom right: fluttershy has an angry sparta remix
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