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sparta remix sixparison (team fortess 2 vs my little pony)
by pinkie pie

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Youtube Thumbnail {Team Fortress 2} Gentlemen [Sparta Mixus Remix]
{Team Fortress 2} Gentlemen [Sparta Mixus Remix]
by Hammer. Bros. #UCY
2:34 - 141,272 views

Unless it's a Farm! [Sparta Overdrive V2 Remix] - http://youtu.be/OzR6d54UTBI

Testing Sony Vegas 12
I don't like Bleep Sample. But other samples didn't fit well (Bleep sample as well). But I went too far to try new sample. And also Top Center Screen is blocking Spy's eye. I don't like that :(
And Red spy didn't masked well. Especially his right wrist and left shoulder. But color was perfect.

[Improvable Parts]
1:53 - 2:20 Not because its position, they aren't same. They are slightly different.
0:01 - 0:03 I rendered twice but still bad quaility for some reason

[Source : Meet the Spy]
[Base by : MaaxiiSTyLe]
[Rotation : TF2 - 2nd]
Youtube Thumbnail [Sparta Duel] Meet the Pyro [Sparta Hectic Remix]
[Sparta Duel] Meet the Pyro [Sparta Hectic Remix]
by metaknight2011
2:24 - 20,641 views

Round 5 and 6 with ZombiesMurderer

I've been working on this for a while. Hope you like it!
All clips are from Team Fortress 2, which belongs to Valve. Please support the official release.

Freestyles from:

Base from Ariel1
Youtube Thumbnail Rainbow Dash Just Tripped Me! [Sparta Hyper V2 Remix]
Rainbow Dash Just Tripped Me! [Sparta Hyper V2 Remix]
by JVids24
2:16 - 11,211 views

just another pony remix, i know i'm being unoriginal as ever but hey i haven't made one in a while so yeah...
Credit to Hasbro for source and all that stuff....
Youtube Thumbnail

0: - 0 views

Youtube Thumbnail (Sparta Duel) Twilight Sparkle: NIGHTMARE MOON (Sparta Madhouse V3 Remix)
(Sparta Duel) Twilight Sparkle: NIGHTMARE MOON (Sparta Madhouse V3 Remix)
by LucioXD2012Full
2:29 - 32,123 views

First Video In Vegas 11, it was going to be a filler but i liked the pitch so now is a duel xD
Round 6/7 vs mat2468xk
Round 4/? vs CyberD3ath
Round 2/6 vs Tsorichek
Round 2/5 vs Gta Sparta
Round 5/7 vs DreamLandSpartan
Round 1/7 vs RussianSpartaRemix6r
Round 1/3 vs mrt98tkm
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