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annoying goose 103 sonic gets funny
by geese and pig and frog and fish

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Youtube Thumbnail Peperami
Peperami "5 a Day"
by Peperami
0:10 - 549,290 views

Time to meat up, twits! http://www.twitter.com/Peperami

Peperami - it's a bit of an animal.
Youtube Thumbnail Sonic Unleashed - Wii - Last Mission and Its Bonus
Sonic Unleashed - Wii - Last Mission and Its Bonus
by Overhazard
2:06 - 263,073 views

Jungle Joyride 4

The reason I'm uploading this is because this is the very last mission in the game you can unlock. You see, there are these hidden bonus "Items" you can get. They consist of Artwork (model sheets and concept landscape paintings), Music (a sound test), Movies (cutscenes in the game), and Secret Documents (advice). There are 214 of them total. After you've gotten 213 of them, a mission in Adabat, a region themed on southeast Asia, becomes unlocked, which features an area not seen in Adabat's other missions. As you can figure, it's a monster of a task to unlock.

This was the first time I cleared the stage, which is why I took it slow and cautiously. Well, as far as Sonic goes, at least. The 214th hidden Item is here, right in plain sight, I suppose, as a reward for going so far into the game.

And, of course, I'll show the bonus video that goes with it! Remember the bao rolls that showed up in Young Cricket's stage in WarioWare? Well, they're back. One of them, at least. Sonic and his new pal Chip have a duel in Chun-Nan over who gets the last one.

This video also appears in the 360/PS3 version of Sonic Unleashed, along with something similar for each of the other countries featured in the game. (Hopefully, I can budget enough to get a 360 and get that version of Sonic Unleashed. If I do, you'll definitely be seeing videos of that game from me.)
Youtube Thumbnail Garfield defense-stage 60
Garfield defense-stage 60
by oztek
5:08 - 37,257 views

This is not how to beat the stage because I already beat it several times and I upgraded everything. So this is to show how hard & crazy level 60 is.
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Youtube Thumbnail Mario Kart DS - Missions Mode Playthrough Part 1
Mario Kart DS - Missions Mode Playthrough Part 1
by Japancommercials4U2
31:26 - 108,317 views

Note: Sorry if this video seems a little laggy, the capture board reacts kind of oddly with this game, probably due to how fast it is.

I'm doing a Playthrough of this, simply because I really love the concept of missions in a Mario Kart game. I'm going to do every mission with at least a one-star ranking.

In this part, we complete the first three sets of missions.

These are the missions shown in this part:

Mission 1-1: This one is easy. As Mario, you have to pass through the 5 numbered gates in order. This mission takes place at the Figure-8 Circuit.

Mission 1-2: Again, this one is quite easy. As Peach, you must collect the 15 Coins scattered across GBA Peach Circuit.

Mission 1-3: As Yoshi in Yoshi Falls, you must drive into the 10 Item Boxes scattered across the course. As each one gives you a Mushroom, use them to reach the other Boxes quicker.

Mission 1-4: This one can be a bit annoying. As Wario, you must defeat the 5 Cheep Cheeps scattered across Cheep Cheep Beach by crashing into them while under the effects of a Star.

Mission 1-5: This one is REALLY easy. It takes place on the Nintendo DS course. As Toad, you must drive through the 6 numbered gates in order.

Mission 1-6: As Luigi, you must drive through a section of the Luigi's Mansion course backwards. Try not to crash into things.

Mission 1-7: At N64 Moo Moo Farms, you must collect the 20 scattered Coins as Donkey Kong. Drifting can make this a bit quicker, but don't overdo it.

Mission 1-8: As Mario in SNES Mario Circuit 1, you must perform 4 power-slide turbo boosts in one lap. This is actually quite easy to do.

Boss Stage: This mission has you battling a Big Bully as Yoshi. You must knock it into the water by driving into it with Mushrooms. For an easy win, wait for him to charge by the edge, then use your set of Mushrooms to knock him into the water.

Mission 2-1: At Delfino Square as Wario, you must destroy the 10 wooden crates scattered across the course by crashing into them. Getting three stars can be kind of tough here.

Mission 2-2: At the Figure-8 Circuit, you must collect the 10 scattered Coins as Yoshi. Take a look at the map on the bottom screen to see that there's a Coin behind Yoshi at the beginning.

Mission 2-3: There's not much to say about this one. In SNES Donut Plains 1, you must go through the 5 numbered gates in order as Donkey Kong. Use the scattered Mushrooms.

Mission 2-4: As Luigi, you must destroy the 5 Item Boxes that move around Luigi's Mansion. As each one contains a Mushroom, use them to quickly reach the other Boxes.

Mission 2-5: This one is very straightforward. Just follow the path of Coins through Cheep Cheep Beach as Peach (ha, a rhyme) and collect all 20 of them.

Mission 2-6: In Desert Hills as Wario, you must hit all 5 Pokeys with Bob-ombs. Hitting the Pokeys can be kind of tricky at first.

Mission 2-7: At GCN Luigi Circuit, you must go through the 10 numbered gates in order as Toad. Again, quite straightforward.

Mission 2-8: At GCN Baby Park as Peach, you must perform 6 power-slide turbo boosts in three laps, which is extremely easy to do.

Boss Stage: The boss of the second section of missions is Eyerok. To damage him, you must whack his eyes with Shells. You have to hit his eyes a total of three times to defeat him. After two hits, both hands will constantly move up and down, making it a bit tougher to hit the eye.

Mission 3-1: At the Waluigi Pinball course, you must destroy the 5 moving Item Boxes as Wario. Focus on the map to make things easier.

Mission 3-2: As Bowser, you must drive backwards through the 5 numbered gates in order in Delfino Square. This one is actually really easy to do.

Mission 3-3: As Luigi in GCN Luigi Circuit, you must collect the 15 Coins while dodging the nearby Chain Chomp. I'd prefer not to drift in this one.

Mission 3-4: At Yoshi Falls as Peach, you must race Yoshi and beat him. Use the items from Item Boxes to your advantage.

Mission 3-5: In GCN Pipe Plaza as Yoshi, you must go through the 8 numbered gates in order. The order of them is quite straightforward. Remember that you can transport to other sections of the course with the Pipes.

Mission 3-6: This one can be a pain. In N64 Moo Moo Farms, you must hit 5 Monty Moles with Green Shells as Luigi. I just time the closest one's jump, then toss Shells at it.

Mission 3-7: At Shroom Ridge as Donkey Kong, you must perform 10 power-slide turbo boosts in one lap. This can be quite easy, just watch out for the cars.

Mission 3-8: This one is just annoying. You must collect the 20 Coins scattered across the Twilight House. Be aware of the Bananas.

Boss Stage: This one has you racing Goomboss as Toad at GCN Baby Park. Goomboss will try to slow you down with Goombas, but occasionally, he'll drop Mushrooms. Use these to easily get ahead of him. In the last lap, he'll jump across the course and run faster, so be careful.
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