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Binart Starphant Dumbo
by Kidel

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Youtube Thumbnail ATE team rescue another baby elephant from a well
ATE team rescue another baby elephant from a well
by AmboseliTrust
5:32 - 7,955,662 views

We rescued this young eight months old calf early this week. Luckily the report came in early in the morning and we were able to get there quick before the mother was forced to leave by herders arriving to water their cattle. It was a happy ending as we were able to reunite the calf with her mother, Zombe.
Youtube Thumbnail Binary Sunset Extended - Star Wars Soundtrack
Binary Sunset Extended - Star Wars Soundtrack
by Digital Creative Front
3:3 - 1,804,765 views

Its great to see so many out there still enjoying the beauty of such work. John Williams is a musical god.

Video Details-
Extended version of the brilliant masterpiece of John Williams, the Binary Sunset for the original Star Wars Episode IV (A New Hope).

The track fell into my hands a while back, and with it a few more varying tracks that where never in the motion picture. I ripped the music from some game as far back as Jedi Knights 2 or perhaps even Jedi Knights 1... The one wit the Yavin Trials levels, don't remember which title it was exactly. The one with Kyle Katarn (if that helps).

For all SW and John Williams fans, enjoy....!!!!

For those wondering which part is extended, it's from 1:00 - 2:00... To me that extra piece is simply brilliant and even more inspiring than the original 2 minute binary sunset... Simply amazing...

Edit: For those saying it is not the Binary Sunset Extended. Well of course it isn't officially Binary Sunset Extended, there is no such thing. For those saying it is a mix of Binary Sunset and Light of the Force. Indeed these parts are originally used in those two tracks.

Having that said, Jedi Knights is an official SW game and property of LucasArts. ALL the music in the games are from the first soundtracks created in the original trilogy. Whether they are mixes, or remade, or whatever, is beyond the point. New and official soundtracks have been created for the games and it is a song in its own.

Lastly, since these songs were not named at all and were simply file-names given to the level of the game that was played, the name was open for interpretation. Thus I came up with it myself and what more fitting name could be given than the one I gave? It is after all, the Binary Sunset, extended. And it is an official track of its own and property to LucasArts, and should NOT be treated as a mix of 2 tracks.

Just needed to add that since there are some claiming it is not the Binary Sunset Extended and it is a mix. Well, no. It is a track LucasArts made/mixed/edited (whetever they saw fit) for an official product to their company and it is a track in its own, that also was not named. Stop treating it as a mix. I didn't sit there and put it together myself. LucasArts made the song and how they did it (simple editing or not) is not for debate. The end result is what counts.

So enjoy that end result, the Binary Sunset, extended ;)
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