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The Right Music for the Mission

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Youtube Thumbnail Mass Effect 2 Suicide Mission Cutscenes
Mass Effect 2 Suicide Mission Cutscenes
by Cadaladr
30:14 - 26,715 views

This video links together all the cutscenes which play during the suicide mission on the collector base. Also shows the squad choices which will keep everyone alive, but you need loyalty from squad members - definitely the ones who are chosen, not sure if you need any others. My Normandy's also been fully upgraded, you can hear the crew making comments about these upgrades in the scenes.

Use the links below to jump to each scene.

0:00 - Through the Omega 4 Relay
2:47 - Into the Debris Field
3:49 - Leaving the Debris Field, Destroying the Collector Ship, 1st Speech
9:59 - Crew Leaves the Ship
10:27 - The 1st Doors, Rescuing the Crew
14:58 - The 2nd Door, 2nd Speech
17:48 - Entering the Central Chamber
20:37 - Reaper "Killed", Illusive Man Calling
22:35 - Reaper Killed

Specialist Choices:
Hacking Specialist - Legion
1st Fireteam Leader - Miranda
Biotic Specialist - Samara
2nd Fireteam Leader - Garrus
Crew Escort - Mordin
Final Squad - Samara, Miranda (important, others stay to defend)
Youtube Thumbnail The A-Team Full Theme Tune
The A-Team Full Theme Tune
by moonraker79
3:13 - 22,312,218 views

The A-Team Full Theme Tune
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