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Eternal Sun of Washington

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Youtube Thumbnail President Obama Walks The Streets Of Washington
President Obama Walks The Streets Of Washington
by The Daily Conversation
4:33 - 14,185,888 views

President Obama walks from the White House to a popular sandwich shop in DC to get lunch with Vice President Joe Biden.

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Youtube Thumbnail Kim Il Sung Eternal Sun Of Mankind
Kim Il Sung Eternal Sun Of Mankind
4:49 - 91,666 views

Video Footage: KCTV
Kim Il Sung Eternal Sun Of Mankind

Today the entire Korean people and other world progressive humankind are significantly marking the Day of the Sun with the most humble reverence for President Kim Il Sung.

April 15 when President Kim Il Sung, the eternal sun of Juche, was born is the greatest auspicious day that the Korean nation acclaimed the peerlessly great man for the first time in its thousands-long history and a day of a splendid stroke of luck that a new era of humankind and the dawn of Juche era were breaking.

The whole life of President Kim Il Sung is a history of the brilliant sun who performed immortal exploits, no great men could make, by devoting his all for the fatherland and nation, the era and humankind upholding the banner of Juche.

President Kim Il Sung is the benefactor of the national liberation, father of nation building and founder of socialist Korea.

President Kim Il Sung, who embarked on the road of revolution in his early teens shouldering the destiny of the country and the nation, created the immortal Juche idea which constituted the highest stage in history of human ideology, thus opening a new era of the development of history, the Juche era, in which the oppressed and maltreated popular masses emerged as masters of the world.

President Kim Il Sung is the pioneer of the revolutionary cause of Songun, benefactor of the national liberation who defeated Japanese imperialism and saved the country and nation by arms and legendary hero who opened beginning of the downfall of the US imperialist through the victorious anti-US war.

President Kim Il Sung is the father of Juche socialist Korea, who splendidly realized the cause of founding the Party, state and army and led the two stages of social revolution and the socialist construction to victory, thus developing the DPRK into an independent, self-reliant and self-defensive powerful country.

Regarding the people are my God as his motto President Kim Il Sung, supreme incarnation of love for the people, made the entire country a harmonious large family united as one by enforcing the benevolent politic of love and trust and built a people's paradise where all people enjoy worthwhile living full of happiness and optimism.

President Kim Il Sung, who felt his heartrending for the national division more than anyone else and held fast to the line of one Korea, set forth the three charters of national reunification, wisely led the entire compatriots to the realization of the cause of independent reunification and devoted his heart and soul for the countrys reunification till the last moment of his life.

President Kim Il Sung is the most outstanding leader who represents the 20th century and veteran statesman of the world revolution.

As he illuminated the way ahead of humankind with the brilliant rays of Juche and led the cause of the global independence to victory holding high the banner of anti-imperialist independence, the progressive humankind is highly admiring him still today as the eternal sun of Juche, symbol of justice and victory and lodestar of movement for human emancipation.

Indeed, President Kim Il Sung is a peerless statesman and legendary great man, who is perfectly possessed of all qualities and characters required for an outstanding leader and turned misfortune into blessing and adversity into favorable conditions undergoing all sorts of hardships and trials thus performing unprecedented changes in the realization of the independence cause of the popular masses.

During the long period since he embarked on the road of revolution at an early age,the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung led the unprecedently arduous and complex Korean revolution to victory and made a great contribution to the world revolution.
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