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Pariah Devalis and Kanajashi ALpine Push

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Youtube Thumbnail Alpine Charge
Alpine Charge
by pariahdevalis
4:29 - 66 views

Nova Cats Lucian Nostra, Skeletor, bardlord, Kanajashi, donut overdose, and lastkhan, along with Nova Bear Valdusa, push straight up the slope. The enemy gave us an opening by not setting up a firing line on the hill and we took it. Turned into one hell of a fire fight. We were all stunned that nobody on our team died in the process.

Kanajashi's perspective on the same fight: http://youtu.be/NNcCZBfVGtI
Youtube Thumbnail MWO - Alpine Charge
MWO - Alpine Charge
by Kanajashi
5:23 - 85 views

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Intro designed by community member Moosiblé.

MWO Soundpack made by Haven Kendrick: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dvgegjdntmw7aws/z_BE_1.9.4.pak
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