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Mike Haggar's Time is Now

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Youtube Thumbnail John Cena (2014) - The Time Is Now
John Cena (2014) - The Time Is Now
by WWF Attitude Era
2:59 - 7,104,935 views

DOWNLOAD LINK (MP3): https://mega.co.nz/#!HR4zBa4S!Cq4RfQXerUBZ209dxduYoS_-1XUroDLp-I8sjNmnM1c
John Cena's new 2014 "NEON" Titantron HD with his 2005-Present "MY TIME IS NOW" theme song. Like & Share. Add this video to favorites. SUBSCRIBE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Channel's official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/wwfattitudeerafan?ref=hl

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Youtube Thumbnail [UMVC3] Haggar 1.2m BnB combos (w/ assists)
[UMVC3] Haggar 1.2m BnB combos (w/ assists)
by SprintGod
2:8 - 36,775 views

I was sick of high health characters not dying when The Mayor hits them. This is the solution.

It's possible to combo after the THC with any of the following characters in the second slot: Amaterasu, Arthur, Chris, Chun-Li (a/b), C.Viper (b/y), Dante, Deadpool, Iron Man, Magneto (b), Rocket Raccoon, Taskmaster (y), Thor (b/y), Trish (y), Tron.

With Chris, Dante, Rocket and Tron, Haggar recovers in time to get extra hits in before the launcher.

With Iron Man, you need to backdash before the THC so that Haggar barely misses hitting the opponent on the way down. This lets him recover slightly earlier, giving you time to combo with H.

In the second combo, S(jc)H,u+H,qcf+S(max height) deals slightly more damage than a standard aircombo but builds less meter. The meter building version is (after the headbutts):
- M,H,S(jc)M,M,u+H,S(land)d+H,f+H(whiff),d+H
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