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What if Banana Slamma had different lyrics?
by Cyberguy64

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Youtube Thumbnail Donkey Kong Country intro
Donkey Kong Country intro
by Zaclonius
1:1 - 673,248 views

The intro to the TV show.

Hoo! Ha!
Ho! Ha!
Donkey Kong!
Hey, yo look out down below,
here he comes Banana Slamma

Donkey Kong

Hoo! Ha!
Hoo! Ha!
Donkey Kong

Hoo! Ha!
Hoo! Ha!
Donkey Kong.

Hey yo, look out down below
here he comes Bannana Slamma
Kongo Bongo's hero.

Hey yo, Donkey Kong,
Let's go, let's go
here he comes Bannana Slamma

Ooh Rah!
Youtube Thumbnail Donkey Kong Country WITH LYRICS - brentalfloss
Donkey Kong Country WITH LYRICS - brentalfloss
by brentalfloss
2:42 - 1,876,500 views

I finally got around to making a jazzy number out of everyone's favorite tune from Donkey Kong Country!

Huge thanks to Chris Schlosser who created the CGI visuals. Check out his website at http://inspiredvisuals.com, and preview his ongoing animated Donkey Kong Country project on this forum: http://bit.do/monkeyaround

"Donkey Kong in Real Life" shot by Phyreburnz http://phyreburnz.deviantart.com

Thanks also to my fans and friends who lent their voices for the "Stop!" "Go!" part :)


The name is Donkey, and he’s a monkey
In fact an ape to be precise, nnyes.

Lives in the Kongo, he play de bongo
Bananas are his one and only vice

(K. ROOL: They kinda taste like babies!)

Little Diddy, he’s just a kiddy
An itty bitty monkey noob

And look at Candy, oh she lookin’ so fine
She got de hairy monkey boob!

Bananas, Bananas, What, What, Bananas...

So bad guys scored your ‘nanner hoard, and ya really better boogaloo
Ya gotta get em back, ya gotta get on track,
‘cause it’s on like you know who!

Fly through jungles, mountains, caves,
and the world’s worst-maintained mine
Come on and beat your chest on a fruit-based quest,
and we’ll have a real good time

Changed his look, but kept his name
Changed his pal and changed his dame
But he came and changed the game
And the world was not the same

Come on and swing through trees, live like Wookiees,
and shoot into the sky
There’s an ostrich who’s got tennis shoes,

I said STOP, (STOP!) GO (GO!), STOP (STOP!), GO (GO!)
Creepy sleepy lizards abound!
There’s no princess, it’s a fruit-based quest so let’s all monkey around
(Let's go!)

King K. Rool, he’s a big green tool, got the goons all comin’ for you
Ya gotta take him down, decrown the clown,
but ya gotta make it through his crew!

Ya got beavers, vultures, giant bees, a demonic oil drum...
Come on and beat your chest on a fruit-based quest
and we’ll have a barrel... of fun!
Look out, old DK is back!
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