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sparta remix 8 parison
by thomas varricchio

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Youtube Thumbnail {Multisource} My Talking Tom has a {Sparta Base Remix}
{Multisource} My Talking Tom has a {Sparta Base Remix}
by CarlsenTheAmazed [TehMalay Spartan]
2:26 - 252,738 views

This took me 5 days to finish and correct the pitch, i'm not going to make sparta remixes cause I have to study on my History...It's super hard, imma make my sparta remixes when maybe, im 20? Idk, so goodbye :(
Youtube Thumbnail This is Sparta! Last techno remix
This is Sparta! Last techno remix
by lele fonda
2:14 - 20,736,873 views

Youtube Thumbnail [HD] Windows 7 Sparta Remix (with video!)
[HD] Windows 7 Sparta Remix (with video!)
by YoshiFan (avrilloosing)
2:8 - 6,014,295 views

25 August 2018 - Five million views PogChamp

30 December 2017 - Four million views!

21 March 2017 - Three million views! https://twitter.com/YoshiFan13/status/844224510983331841

13 September 2016 - Two and a half million views! https://twitter.com/YoshiFan13/status/775658247671975936

15 March 2016 - TWO million views! https://twitter.com/YoshiFan13/status/709627922131378176

14 May 2015 - ONE MILLION VIEWS!! https://twitter.com/YoshiFan13/status/598866617800470529

I know, the video looks like it's made in PowerPoint - I wasn't experienced with Sony Vegas back when I created it.

Music: Sparta Remix Instrumental by Keaton

I ain't Swedish damn it I'm Romanian

Two... I mean... Three million views later, this video is still being reuploaded. :) http://yoshifan.me/stop

Old description with more info and some randomness? https://ghostbin.com/paste/aahfs
Youtube Thumbnail Frozen - Elsa has a Sparta Remix
Frozen - Elsa has a Sparta Remix
by TheNathand1996
2:56 - 427,850 views

Read this before commenting: If there's ANY problem with the volume, let me know and I will fix it! I've had it with people complaining about the Remix in my "Tropical Octav3" remix's volume!
I'm going to be honest here. I LOVE the Disney movie "Frozen". It's one of my favorite movies ever, and, ironically, it has my most favorite Song I've ever heard in a movie, "Let it go".
Also, sorry about the "No madness" thing. I overlooked it.
Youtube Thumbnail This is Patrick: EXTENDED SPARTA REMIX
by Tachin1994
2:11 - 5,870,337 views

[Spongebob SquarePants © VIACOM]
300 SUBSCRIBERS YAY! MP3: http://www.mediafire.com/?enswm4ebuzo
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