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Every Day Smoke Weed (420 Advisory)

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Youtube Thumbnail Smokio Land 2: 6 Green Coins
Smokio Land 2: 6 Green Coins
by FluxMage
1: - 615,817 views

Snoop brakes the speed limit in Mario land.
Youtube Thumbnail Smokémon
by SilliS Remix
1:2 - 5,276,741 views

Gotta smoke 'em all!
Digimon version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aPC7tQrlL5U

Used footage:

The first opening of Pokémon anime

Face of Snoop Dogg

Voice of Nate Dogg
Youtube Thumbnail Nichismoke
by MowtenDoo
1:34 - 1,538,225 views

Nichijou X snoop dogg

comparison video here:

If you like my videos and want to give back, consider becoming a patron: https://www.patreon.com/MowtenDoo
Youtube Thumbnail PLATINUM WEED
by Mirlo
1:29 - 37,723 views

Song: Platinum Disco
Reupload, Sony & Youtube think this is illegal.
Youtube Thumbnail Chronic Trigger - 420 A.D.
Chronic Trigger - 420 A.D.
by coda
2:3 - 440,397 views

Snoop makes use of time travel to spread the good word.

audio by my friend rocketmermaid(@rocket_mermaid)-
check out her album! chronic trigger is available as a bonus track:

http://www.ubikmusic.org/chronictriggercathedral.mp3 (ringtone size)

Youtube Thumbnail Dank Dank Docks
Dank Dank Docks
by MowtenDoo
1:2 - 321,465 views

Youtube Thumbnail Steweed Smokeverse
Steweed Smokeverse
by SilliS Remix
0:24 - 3,643,991 views

We are the Crystal Gems
We'll always save the day
And if you think we can't
We'll smoke weed everyday

Used footage:

Steven Universe by Rebecca Sugar and Cartoon Network

Face of Snoop Dogg

Voice of Nate Dogg
Youtube Thumbnail Adweedure time with Snoop & Dogg
Adweedure time with Snoop & Dogg
by SilliS Remix
0:25 - 4,759,911 views

My life is complete: http://i.imgur.com/JAIo8Yd.jpg

Used footage:

Adventure Time With Finn And Jake by Pendleton Ward and Cartoon Network

Face of Snoop Dogg

Voice of Nate Dogg
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