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Mellifluous Soothing Tones For Sonic Jihad
by thargnar

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Youtube Thumbnail Pigeons - 10 hours of
Pigeons - 10 hours of "What is love" (volume 5)
by e7magic
0:1 - 352,179 views

People say they're still rocking this town. v.6: http://youtu.be/0EpIWybDPfI

http://youtube.com/watch?v=_9wPuXhQ_zs ← short version


This video is 24fps. Please don't look at the 534768th frame.
Youtube Thumbnail Vuvuzela 10 hours
Vuvuzela 10 hours
by TehN1ppe
0:1 - 1,338,262 views

I hear something epic in the air..
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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TehN1ppe/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TehN1ppe
Youtube Thumbnail 10 Hours of Infinite Fractal and Falling Shepard's Tone
10 Hours of Infinite Fractal and Falling Shepard's Tone
by Daniel Repasky
0:37 - 2,569,173 views

By popular request from ZeroPeopleFoundThisHelpful's February, 2013's Gif Sound Mashup (http://bit.ly/Y6OdLI), many people asked us for a 10 hour version of the falling tone/fractal at 1:02. After three 48-hour renders (1 power outage, 1 adobe flash crash), and 26 hours uploading to YouTube, it is finally ready!

Video: Used with permission from the animated fractal's creator, Vladimir Bulatov. Check out his YouTube page here: http://bit.ly/13jdZ7e , and his DeviantArt page here: http://bit.ly/Yx2S78 .
The video is a fractal version of M.C. Escher's "Circle Limit III" (http://bit.ly/bbJ9P) created by Bulatov.

Audio: Shepard's Tone (Shepard's Scale) consisting of rising tones set octaves apart, similar to how to barber's pole always seems to be rising: http://bit.ly/tlSj
Interestingly, the Batman's BatPod in "The Dark Knight" uses a Shepard Tone effect to make the motorcycle to seem to have an infinitely rising tone: http://bit.ly/Wfa8WS
In classical music, the Shepard's Scale is used in pieces like Bach's "Canon Per Tonos" (endlessly rising canon), to have the piece seem to end an octave higher than it began while ending on the same note: http://bit.ly/YTWtzC

Many have said that they experience a falling sensation or a feeling of imbalance when they watch this combination for a long time. It was reported by Reddit user "Berkel" that by playing The Shepard tone near a sleeping friend, the friend had a visceral falling dream and woke up very scared. http://bit.ly/XVwfi8 . We would not recommend trying this! We take no responsibility for visceral dreams, dizziness, fatigue, sweaty palms, seizures, lack of friends, or any other side effects from watching this video.

Visit us at ZeroPeopleFoundThisHelpful.com
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