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German Rusian Military parade

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Youtube Thumbnail Military Parade in Moscow ★ show Dschinghis Khan Moskau ★ Moscou Russian England Full HD
Military Parade in Moscow ★ show Dschinghis Khan Moskau ★ Moscou Russian England Full HD
by aurevlis
6:32 - 1,249,237 views

Королевский оркестр гвардии Его Величества и церемониальный взвод, «Спасская башня»
Orquestra da Guarda Real de Sua Majestade e pelotão cerimonial, "Torre Spasskaya"
Orquesta de la Guardia Real de Su Majestad y el pelotón ceremonial "Spasskaya Tower"
His Majesty the King's Guard Band and Drill Team.
Russian Moscow -- Music Moskau - Dschinghis Khan

Moskau (song)
Music "Moskau" (German for Moscow) is a single by the German pop-act Dschinghis Khan from their 1979 self-titled debut album.

The song was released in Australia in 1980, the year of the 1980 Moscow Olympics.[1] Australia's Channel 7 used the song as the theme to their television coverage of the Moscow Olympics.[2] The song became a big hit in Australia, staying at #1 for six weeks.

The song also appears on their 1980 album Rom. The album version clocks six minutes, but the single version is four and a half minutes long.[3]

The song also achieved an enormous underground popularity in the Soviet Union. A 15 second clip of the song's performance was shown as a part of the New Year holiday lineup on the state-run TV, leading to the immediate dismissal of the network's director.[4]

In 2006, the song made its video game debut as a playable song in Taiko no Tatsujin Portable 2 after having been popularized in Japan by a viral misheard lyric video with 2ch characters.[5]

It was also played at the opening at Eurovision 2009 at Moscow, Russia.


Single by Dschinghis Khan

from the album Dschinghis Khan



4:30 (Single)
4:43 (West German single)[1]
5:58 (Album)


Ralph Siegel

Bernd Meinunger

Dschinghis Khan singles chronology

"Dschinghis Khan"
(1979) "Moscow"
(1980 Wir sitzen alle im selben Boot"
Youtube Thumbnail Socialist World Republic - Sozialistische Weltrepublik
Socialist World Republic - Sozialistische Weltrepublik
by ComradeRed2020
2:21 - 1,923,032 views

If you like my work, you can support me on Patreon:

An epic movie filled with symbolism about the battle for freedom and equal rights! (With english and german subtitles)

This movie portrays two ideologies fighting each other. The ideology of GREEDY SELFISHNESS and the ideology of EQUAL RIGHTS.

The maggot king, desperate to acquire even more wealth looks for new opportunities. And these opportunities lie in the east, where the people have still not been enslaved by the greedy empires. Producers (Pigs) are happy about a possible war, because they will be able to gain a lot of profit on cheap labor and the war ministers (Spiders) are happy as well, because a war means that they will wield more soldiers and thus more power!

Everyone will be better of. So it seems, but no one asked the people. Although they are over 99% of the population, they will gain nothing from a war, only suffering and death. Unwilling to go to war, the government brainwashes them to brain-dead fleas and so they assault the Soviet Lands.

However the people of the USSR are determined to liberate their motherland from the white empires. Because only when the red flag is victorious, only then all people around the world will become free. With their red flags they enlighten the fleas who are able to think freely once again and turn back to humans. As such, they turn their rifles against their rulers and change the society into a democratic socialist one. All countries unite and form the Socialist World Republic. Eternal peace and friendship has come!

Music: Der heimliche Aufmarsch
East German song sung by Ernst Busch

PLOT: White flags symbolise the white movement against the red army, the four flags USA, UK, FRANCE and JAPAN symbolise the countries which have sent soldiers to fight Soviet Union. Later the is a Panzer III, a nazi tank fighting against allies. This time USSR, USA, UK and FRANCE fight together against fascism! In the end they win and some centuries later all people of all nations unite in eternal peace!
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