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Jario's Copenhagparison
by Xochipilli Domari Cucotlé

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Youtube Thumbnail BFDI - Pen has a Sparta Remix [V15]
BFDI - Pen has a Sparta Remix [V15]
by Jario
2:30 - 248,654 views

AKA: I've ever done! [Sparta EXTENDED Remix] (Ft. Eraser & Ice Cube)
Why do I feel like TheLuigifan007...oh, wait, I meant SpartanZeo...no...uh---
This might be the last time I'm doing this Pen Remix.
Source: Battle for Dream Island - Episode 14: "Half a Loaf is Better Than None"
Freestyles: Jastuk55, HeyItsDanFromCp, Handmaster722, Tomiato64, SonicFan468
Freestyle Pitch: KingSpartaX37
Youtube Thumbnail Eraser -
Eraser - "Pink is quite manly!" [Sparta Soaring Mix]
by Jario
3: - 230,657 views

(EDIT: 11/6/2015) 100K views; sweet!

Battle For Dream Island Episode 11: "Lofty" - by jacknjellify
Base by me
Freestyles (In order):
Jastuk55 (again)
Zozey1231 (again)
Based off of mat2468xk's remix of the same source.
Round 1 vs. XlethYirehHN
Youtube Thumbnail Donut has a Sparta Remix
Donut has a Sparta Remix
by Jario
2:31 - 133,616 views

100k views coolness

AKA: Donut - "Deal with getting slapped!" [Sparta Extended Mix]
Made by me (Jario943/KitsuListu911). The other channel got shut down.
Youtube Thumbnail Pinkie Pie -
Pinkie Pie - "He wants all of the cakes!" [Sparta Soaring V0.5 MKII Mix]
by Jario
2:40 - 65,988 views

In celebration of this new episode becoming my newest favorite, here's a Sparta Remix!

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - Season 5, Episode 7: "Make New Friends But Keep Discord"

MLP:FiM by Hasbro/DHX

Base by me
Youtube Thumbnail [Filler] Nickel -
[Filler] Nickel - "You couldn't stand a chance!" [Sparta Extended Mix]
by Jario
2:13 - 115,562 views

EDIT: Hey, the actual episode is out! And just a year late!

I did a quick remix of the teaser for Object Maddness:
Youtube Thumbnail [Collab] SpongeBob -
[Collab] SpongeBob - "Nothing is fun about that at all!" [Sparta HV Mix]
by Jario
3:2 - 95,181 views

This is a collab I did with good ol' Spartan Dash.
Part 1 - Spartan Dash: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcgGgnOVtZTUwx-wc_M6dWg
Part 2 - Me

SpongeBob SquarePants - Season 1 Episode 14b: "Karate Choppers" from Viacom and stuff
Base by KingSpartaX37
Youtube Thumbnail Luigi -
Luigi - "Im'ma gonna go on an adventure!" [Sparta The March to Athens Mix]
by Jario
2:21 - 35,224 views

"Ha, haaa! WTF did I just watch?!"

Luigi's Day Out by hotdiggetydemon
Base by Dreamcloud Media
Youtube Thumbnail Starlight Glimmer -
Starlight Glimmer - "I created harmony!" [Sparta Flutterrelic Mix]
by Jario
2:16 - 48,509 views

Goodness gracious...this was the 9th rendering attempt, and it finally worked the whole way.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - Season 5 Episode 1+2: "The Cutie Map"
Bases are Fluttery and Hyperrelic by ~[Ματ2468χκ]
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