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Annoying Goose 7 Bowser Junior Gets In Dead Meat and Goes to Summer School
by Nikhil Bhise

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Youtube Thumbnail Gunvolt's J-Pop Conspiracy - Culture Shock
Gunvolt's J-Pop Conspiracy - Culture Shock
by The Game Theorists
4:55 - 1,669,670 views

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Gaijin has LOST his mind...or has he? The new indie game Gunvolt has got him thinking about J-Pop, its influence, and the way its slowly looking to replace talented humans with its mind control. But surely he's just overreacting right? RIGHT?

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Youtube Thumbnail Dave and Larry Get in Dead Meat
Dave and Larry Get in Dead Meat
by TheColossalD
35:18 - 252,786 views

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
Well guys and gals, here it is, my second longest behavior color card day video, with more cards and more minutes. Not a record, but a record for my channel. Last time, it was around 28 minutes long with 119 cards and Joe from Blue's Clues getting in dead meat. This time, it is around 35 minutes long with 157 cards and Dave and Larry getting in dead meat. I know all users have all good cards, but that's ok. If you or your requested character didn't appear in the video, I'm sorry, but please don't be sad, angry, make this a big deal, or do bad stuff to me. I have dealt with many requests and I did some of my own too. If you still don't know who Dave and Larry are, ask NorfolkSouthernTrain3406. He's knows about them way more than I do, but I made this video as a treat for him. So, credit to everyone except my haters and bad users. Most credit to NorfolkSouthernTrain3406 for being teacher and Kevin for the music and Nintendo for the music. I hope you guys enjoy this video!
by DashieGames
14:9 - 1,541,279 views

Thanks for tuning in everyday yall!
Youtube Thumbnail SML Movie: Bowser Junior's Summer School 7
SML Movie: Bowser Junior's Summer School 7
by SuperMarioLogan
23:26 - 13,317,856 views

This is the last Part of the Summer School series!

I am sorry about uploading three Summer School parts in a row! We are just trying to end the series before summer ends! To all my fans I am sorry that my upload schedule has been off and crazy, but I am getting back on track! There will be a lot of videos every week! Mario And Luigi's Stupid and Dumb Advenutes and Luigi's Mansion will be uploaded soon!
Youtube Thumbnail Gal Gun - FEND OFF THE HORDE OF UNDERAGE GIRLS! - Part 1
by EricVanWilderman
16:44 - 30,753 views

*Sorry for the low audio and video quality on my body camera, has since been fixed for part 2*

I feel dirty playing this game, but in a way, it was kinda fun! I do feel like a pedophile though. Like, subscribe, and share and I'll keep fresh content coming!

GalGun Playlist ► http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fl1pHTISECU&list=PLwXe-OI9n7VnH__TzpcwuXHKADN_gR986

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Youtube Thumbnail Super Mario Galaxy: Contact and Space - PART 21 - Game Grumps
Super Mario Galaxy: Contact and Space - PART 21 - Game Grumps
by GameGrumps
12:3 - 1,010,850 views

Just a small town boy! Born and raised in....Florida.
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