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sparta vertex remix sixparison
by JJ

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Youtube Thumbnail (Sparta Duel) Flutterbitch/Flutterrage has a Sparta Vertex Remix
(Sparta Duel) Flutterbitch/Flutterrage has a Sparta Vertex Remix
by LucioXD2012Full
2:32 - 479,586 views

Round 1 vs MrRiyku

Me costo un poco mas hacer este sparta remix pero aqui lo tienen =)
Youtube Thumbnail Homer Simpson  -Sparta Vertex Remix-
Homer Simpson -Sparta Vertex Remix-
by D.M.Spartan6
2:20 - 78,296 views

No one was harm in the making of this sparta remix
...except Flanders. --

a.k.a. Homer Simpson has a Sparta Vertex Remix
[All content used in this video belongs to their respected owners and rightful companies]

Edit: As always, thanks guys for making this video reach over 61k views and over 380 likes!

Video Source : Couchgag Homer Simpson Robot Chicken--
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XNdNLNFZBmk --

Base by iteachvader --

Additional Credits:
Inspired by the "Shut up flander" sparta remixes.--
Freestyle Pitch by KingSpartaX37
Freestyling inspired by MrGian22nd

i do not own anything other than how this was put together.

Thanks for Reading.

Updated 3-17-17
Youtube Thumbnail

0: - 0 views

Youtube Thumbnail Eraser & Pen yell For Free Sparta Vertex Mix
Eraser & Pen yell For Free Sparta Vertex Mix
by Cyberdeath
2:31 - 120,514 views

base: iteachvader
& look down for a short summary explaining whats going on

So I don't really upload nearly as many videos as I used to,
This is kinda due to the fact that I've kinda lost interest in Sparta Remixs a bit, and I don't really spend much time on all my unfinished projects anymore. Doesn't mean I'll stop making them or anything like that, Just means I won't be uploading very much anymore.
Youtube Thumbnail Pinkie Pie - It was under
Pinkie Pie - It was under "E" - Sparta Vertex Remix (V2)
by TehGermanSpartan
2:16 - 7,321 views

It was under "SPARTA"

Meh, I didn´t wanted to add Awesomeness 1 & 2 because I didn´t felt like it.

V1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ojnEvEj8v8c

Base by Iteachvader
Original idea by Jario

Episode: Season 1 Episode 2
(Credit goes to Hasbro for the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic TV show! I own nothing.)
Youtube Thumbnail [Sparta Duel] Laces, Or No Laces! - Sparta Vertex Remix
[Sparta Duel] Laces, Or No Laces! - Sparta Vertex Remix
by JVids24
2:37 - 74,757 views

Round 2 with XlethYireh
(I think) Round 3 with lchavasse
If I missed anyone please tell me
Video info:
Source - Spongebob Season 2 Episode 2 - Your Shoe's Untied
Base - Sparta Vertex Remix by Iteachvader
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