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Even Worse Than "Kupo!" ... True Hell

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Youtube Thumbnail Poor GUY'S head is spinning 8000 times
Poor GUY'S head is spinning 8000 times
by Maria Therese
19:55 - 89,943 views

After watching the live chat from June 2, Ben Fankhauser's pre-show ritual became something of a running joke on Tumblr. According to Andrew Keenan-Bolger, he goes "poor GUY'S head is spinning" 8000 times before the show. So because I have no life, I decided to post "poor GUY'S head is spinning" 8000 times. It lasts roughly six hours. Dang, Ben. That's a lot of warming up you do there.

...I'm starting to think maybe Andrew might have been exaggerating just a little bit

But anyways just think of this as a way to celebrate the Newsies bringing home 2 Tony awards. MY BABIES THE KINGS OF NEW YORK. :')

but really though WHAT HAVE I DONE

Edit: They included a montage of Ben doing this in their latest video. SUCCESS.
Youtube Thumbnail Tidus Laugh 10 HOURS
Tidus Laugh 10 HOURS
by AuronSuper95
0:37 - 181,930 views

If you don't watch the whole thing you're not awesome.

So, YouTube apparently has a 12 hour limit, so I wanted to reach my longest video ever. This cutscene was the most requested 10 hours loop on the whole Final Fantasy series, so I wanted to give a try (I know, this is crazy).

This was the largest video file I've ever uploaded, 1.16 GB in size. It took over an hour to render, over 6 hours to upload and 4 to process.

There are 3 seconds when the audio stops for a while. If you can find them, you win a billion dollars. Enjoy!
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