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Annoying Goose - More Cannons and Hods

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Youtube Thumbnail Henry Hugglemonster - Sneezo-Rama
Henry Hugglemonster - Sneezo-Rama
by DisneyJuniorUK
2:11 - 302,115 views

Its spring-time and Sneezo is allergic to all of the flowers, so its up to Henry to take care of him!

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Get ready for a really ‘Roooarrrrsome’ time with Henry Hugglemonster!

Follow Henry Hugglemonster – a six-year old yellow monster scout in this ‘huggletastic’ animated Disney Jr series, full of monster adventures and catchy, up-beat songs!

Take a trip to the friendly and fun-loving monster town of ‘Roarsville’ and get to know Henry and his crazy, but very close-knit monster family, ‘The Hugglemonsters.’ Henry loves to explore with his best friends Denzel Dugglemonster and Gertie Growlerstein where they learn important lessons like how to work together and helping others.

So snuggle down as it’s time for a ‘hugglebreak’ with Henry Hugglemonster and all his monster friends!

The friendly and happy Hugglemonster loves to roar! His roar is very special and makes Henry Hugglemonster who he really is. Whenever there is a problem, this little monster is there to solve it! He’s a totally ‘Roarsome’ Hugglemonster!

Momma Hugglemonster is mummy monster to Cobby, Summer, Henry and Ivor. She is a mega musical monster and plays lots of instruments and loves teaching her mini monsters how to play the piano

Daddo is daddy to Cobby, Summer, Henry and Ivor. He is the postman in Roarsville, although he can be a bit forgetful sometimes! When he’s not delivering all the monster mail he can be found doing some huggle-juggling as juggling things is his special talent!

Ivor is the youngest of the Hugglemonster siblings and can’t yet walk, talk or fly!

Summer is Henry Hugglemonsters six-year old sister. She enjoys putting on monster shows and loves singing and dancing, in fact she will sing and dance her way almost anywhere she goes! Why walk when you can dance!?

Cobby is the oldest of the Hugglemonster brood. He is seven years old and loves to invent weird and wonderful gadgets, but these inventions often help the Hugglemonsters out when they are trying to solve a problem.

Denzel is Henry Hugglemonster’s seven-year old best friend and is a very kind monster. He loves hanging out with Henry and going on adventures with Henry – he also loves digging big underground tunnels.

Gertie is the very clever monsterette pal of Henry Hugglemonster and is very proud of the fact that she rarely gets anything wrong! She loves hanging out and having monster adventures with her friends Henry and Denzel.
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Youtube Thumbnail LOGOS Compilation Film Companies
LOGOS Compilation Film Companies
by Hipotálamo Films
8:39 - 4,397,924 views

Compilation of some of the best and most important film company logos:
00:00 - Walt Disney Pictures (Classic) (1985-2006)
00:13 - Universal Pictures (Classic) (1991-1997, under MCA ownership)
00:33 - Columbia Pictures (Classic) (1993-, pre-Sony)
00:53 - Paramount Pictures (Classic) (1987-2002)
01:08 - Studio Ghibli
01:13 - Filmax
01:35 - Lauren Films
01:57 - Hollywood Pictures (owned by Disney)
02:10 - Warner Bros. Pictures
02:19 - Aurum
02:36 - Touchstone Pictures (owned by Disney)
02:46 - 20th Century Fox
03:06 - Miramax Films (Classic) (under Disney ownership 1987-1999)
03:19 - New Line Cinema
03:31 - Vértigo Films
03:42 - MGM Pictures
03:50 - United Artists
04:04 - Toei Company Ltd. (Japan)
04:18 - Manga Entertainment
04:27 - TriStar Pictures (Classic) (1980s, pre-Sony)
04:44 - Araba Films
05:03 - Lucasfilm (pre-Disney)
05:10 - THX (owned by Lucasfilm)
05:34 - Dolby Digital Surround
05:54 - Carolco
06:10 - DreamWorks Pictures (Classic)
06:30 - CBS-Fox Video
06:47 - BBC (Classic)
06:57 - Media Asia Group
07:15 - Gaumont British Pictures
07:36 - RKO Radio Pictures (1929-1959)
07:50 - Pathé Films
08:01 - Aardman Animations
08:13 - Walt Disney Pictures (Pixar version) (1995-2007)
08:26 - Pixar Animation Studios


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