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BFDI Randomness With Random Videos 10
by KingBill345

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Youtube Thumbnail BFDI 18: Reveal Novum
BFDI 18: Reveal Novum
by jacknjellify
12:38 - 11,196,046 views

OMG, a recommended character comes into the game, and it's not one you wanted! Ha, ha, ha! Staring's involved, too!
Youtube Thumbnail Challenge To Win Episode 14 - The truth behind that face
Challenge To Win Episode 14 - The truth behind that face
by 100dcx
14:42 - 162,303 views

Credit goes to Motorola for the HELLO MOTO song and to ToonMaster99 for the Plank body.

So, last time, 7 characters were up for elimination and they had a talent challenge, and now they are going to find out the truth they left behind and see who will be eliminated, their challenge is gonna be tricky, who is gonna win, who is gonna lose? Watch CTW14, just now. Hope you will enjoy.

Best animated CTW episode! (yet)



Youtube Thumbnail Dad Races AGAIN! Mario Kart 8 - Morton in the 150cc Leaf Cup (pt. 7)
Dad Races AGAIN! Mario Kart 8 - Morton in the 150cc Leaf Cup (pt. 7)
by FGTeeV
16:22 - 413,402 views

►T-Shirts: http://Shopfunnelvision.com
Sup Teevers, seen a whole bunch of comments/requests to play more Mario Kart. So we use Morton this time in the Leaf Cup and we hope you enjoy the fun! Stay tuned, we'll do another one soon, we promise. :)

Pt. 6: The Race for MORTON: http://youtu.be/VhDtumEFzUw
Pt. 5: Mike gives up on Mario Kart: http://youtu.be/wua4RIY1eGA
Pt. 4: Dad & Son Race pt. 1: http://youtu.be/7pUDpgCE1Kc
Pt. 3: A Crazy Dad Races Crazily to get Metal Mario, who's crazy cool looking: http://youtu.be/kyp3VmS3R08
Pt. 2: The Family Plays Mario Kart AGAIN: http://youtu.be/DYCAGXeDfe8
Pt. 1: The Family Plays Mario Kart: http://youtu.be/aBk3EAAJUUk

Beba Ba Leep Bop Beleeda Bop Pllllhhh!
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a Family Friendly Youtube Gaming Channel

Default Characters:
Mario Luigi Peach Yoshi
Bowser Donkey Kong Toad Koopa Troopa
Daisy Shy Guy Wario Waluigi
Baby Mario Baby Luigi Baby Peach Baby Daisy

Characters to Unlock:
Rosalina Toadette Metal Mario Lakitu
Larry Morton Wendy Iggy
Roy Lemmy Ludwig Pink Gold Peach
Baby Rosalina Mii Metal Mario

Other Unlockables:
Unlockable Description Coin Tiers
Cushion Wheels Wheels 50
Mr. Scooty Bike 100
Blue Standard Wheels 150
Pipe Frame Kart 200
Tri-Speeder Three-wheeled Kart 250
Slick Wheels 300
Wild Wiggler ATV 350
Button Wheels 400
Cloud Glider Glider 450
Varmint Bike 500
Plane Glider Glider 550
Yoshi Bike Bike 600
Flower Glider Glider 650
The Duke Bike 700
Circuit Special Kart 750
Prancer Kart 800
Crimson Slim Wheel 850
Landship Kart 900
Flame Rider Bike 950
Retro Off-Road Wheel 1000
Steel Driver Kart 1100
Azure Roller Wheel 1200
Wario Wing Kite 1300
Comet Bike 1400
Off-Road Wheels 1500
Metal Wheels Wheels 1600
Jet Bike Bike 1700
Teddy Buggy Kart 1800
Waddle Wing Glider 1900
Bowser Kite Glider 2000
Hot Monster Wheels 2100
Cat Cruiser Kart 2200
Sponge Wheels 2300
Peach Parasol Glider 2400
MKTV Parafoil Glider 2500
Cyber Slick Wheels 2600
Sports Coupe
150cc Skylander Boy and Girl Minecraft
Youtube Thumbnail Plants vs Zombies Plush: Head Zombie's New Machine
Plants vs Zombies Plush: Head Zombie's New Machine
by LuigiFan00001
11:54 - 1,962,807 views

Season 1 Episode 3 Rated PG-13
More information is revealed in this episode. Who are the gardeners? What are they doing? Who will defeat Head-Zombie?
Youtube Thumbnail Battle for Food Episode 7 - Guns'n Puns
Battle for Food Episode 7 - Guns'n Puns
by [Daniel] Xnabber
12:34 - 53,894 views

Finally, I finished Battle for Food Episode 7! On this episode silly things happen, go find out by watching the video! Enjoy!

Help us caption & translate this video!

Youtube Thumbnail “Everything’s A-OJ” – Inanimate Insanity II [Ep. 7]
“Everything’s A-OJ” – Inanimate Insanity II [Ep. 7]
by AnimationEpic
18:10 - 4,160,427 views

MERCHANDISE: http://www.inanimateinsanity.spreadshirt.com

Created by Adam Katz

"Keep On Cleaning"

Composer and Producer: Joseph Schmidt http://www.soundcloud.com/josephschmidt

Guitarist: Lynz Munich

DOWNLOAD "Keep On Cleaning" Here!

Special thanks to Jacknjellify for their immense inspiration behind the series! Go subscribe to them!
Youtube Thumbnail MARIO KART (Honest Game Trailers)
MARIO KART (Honest Game Trailers)
by Smosh Games
2:54 - 10,445,739 views

Smosh Games Premiere Day Continues with 16-Bit High School: http://smo.sh/16bit_triforce

Join us every other Saturday for more Honest Game Trailers!

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If the gaming industry has a Super Star, then it is none other than Mario himself; and, Nintendo milks this lovable celebrity for all he is worth. You've seen this beloved childhood icon do nearly everything except his actual job, now see him drive a go kart like no other.

Trailers that tell you the TRUTH about your favorite Video Games: Honest Game Trailers. These are the hilarious trailers the game developers don't want you to see...

Honest Game Trailers: Mario Kart
Executive Producers: Andy Signore and Smosh
Directed by Spencer Gilbert
Episode Written by Michael Adams Davis, Michael Schroeder, and Spencer Gilbert
Edited by Ryan Tellez

Voiceover Narration by Jon:

Play with us!
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Like us on Facebook: http://facebook.com/SmoshGames
Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/SmoshGames
Add us to your circles on Google+: http://google.com/+SmoshGames

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Youtube Thumbnail Kira Kira Music Night / Pop Princess Voices English and Japanese
Kira Kira Music Night / Pop Princess Voices English and Japanese
by Timble Town
4:44 - 1,903 views

Pinky Street / ピンキーストリート キラキラ☆ミュージックアワー声優集


0:00 English Voices
2:22 Japanese Voices
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