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by Scylla

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Youtube Thumbnail Ambient Sounds: [25min] Indoors during storm
Ambient Sounds: [25min] Indoors during storm
by HardwiredGhost
24:59 - 149,392 views

So I was trying to bestow some order onto my digital data, and I managed to dig out a very simple ambience I had mixed for my own delight more than a year ago and forgot about - which is a shame, really, because I'm so fond of it. You know me, I never get enough of the sounds of the rain.

Since I found it, let me share it with you guys.

Imagine you finally get home in the evening. There's a storm outside: it's raining pretty vigorously, and with a generous amount of wind. You are nice and cozy in the tranquillity of your home. Just relax and sit on the couch while listening to the countless raindrops hitting your windows.

I like to close my eyes and imagine myself in my future super-techy awesome home, lights off, casually tossed on my comfy couch as I gently get sleepier and sleepier (after imagining this I always fall asleep, and I sleep like a stone).

Of course, this is just me. The ambience itself is only made out of sounds produced by rain, and it doesn't have other distinctive sounds, so it kind of fits anything in your mind: feel free to imagine your own shelter from the storm, your own perfect mindscape for doing anything you need this ambience for - relaxation, meditation, study, work, introspection etc.
Another awesome thing you can do is layer this ambience with some relaxing music you like. For me personally, Lounge\Ambience\Smooth Jazz are just way to go.

Sounds used:
A miracle I had managed to write down these links when I had mixed the ambience!

MP3 download: [26.8 Mb]

Apparently (meaning that I only have a slight remembrance of having done this), there is also an alternate 'softer' version of this ambience. If you're curious:

As usual, if you want to loop this video directly on your browser, go here: http://listenonrepeat.com/?v=khopEHMYp30
Youtube Thumbnail Programming at Home  |  Quiet Cy-Fi: Ambience
Programming at Home | Quiet Cy-Fi: Ambience
by HardwiredGhost
28:20 - 162,421 views

This video starts the 'Quiet Cy-Fi' ('cyber fiction') project, an upcoming series of audio ambiences, flavoured with a cyber\tech\futuristic atmosphere.
Calm, lulling, introspective, immersive, a bit mysterious perhaps.

I will talk more about this project later on, when more videos will have been released, but for now I just whish to start up smoothly and introduce you to the first atmosphere: this soundscape depicts a calm afternoon (but could be morning or evening as well) at your apartment in the city, while doing programming\coding\hacking (or simply typewriting) inside your high-tech computer and server room.
► computer keyboard typing [many thanks to *ani_music* from http://freesound.org/people/ani_music/sounds/197477/ ];
► computer sounds and beeps;
► server droning;
► neighbourhood sounds (neighbours talking, distant elevator, dogs barking);
► city sounds (cars passing, airplanes flying by);
► a quick rain shower [towards the middle of the video]

As always, I suggest you download the full 320kbps MP3 [60.7 Mb] --- https://mega.nz/#!EckAAJDD!LS-e3mB6ZeSD_Xg78Gax8y_hZmJaVuei7pTagYGqjH8 --- (download usually works better with Google Chrome)
Binaural & Loopable

If you want to loop this video directly on your browser, go here: https://www.listenonrepeat.com/watch?v=p59UOrGjMKM

One final note:
I, personally, find this kind of stuff immensely helpful for any kind of concentrated (studying, working etc.) and/or relaxed state of mind. I also find it particularly good for immersion (writing, rpg etc.).
Of course it is a personal preference of mine, and I have created this ambience primarly for myself, but I really wished to share it in case there could be other people benefiting from this project.

Hope you enjoy (:
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