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Brentalfloss & EileMonty Ducktales Moon Theme With Lyrics
by Not Sir Leafeon

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Youtube Thumbnail BRENTALFLOSS [] Ducktales With Lyrics (Moon Theme) [] Cover
BRENTALFLOSS [] Ducktales With Lyrics (Moon Theme) [] Cover
by EileMonty
2:45 - 29,448 views

Ducktales With Lyrics!

It was Fantastic Meeting and watching Brental perform at Alcon live, such an awesome Talented dude!

Vocals: EileMonty
Lyrics By: Brentalfloss
Accommpanimet Arranged & Performed By: Brentalfloss
Music Composed By: Yoshihiro Sakaguchi
Electric Guitar By: Daniel Tidwell

Listen and Sub To Brental!!: http://www.youtube.com/user/brentalfloss

Art: Frobman http://frobman.deviantart.com/

Download/Listen Cover: https://soundcloud.com/user556504936/ducktales-moon-theme-by


Ducks, yes ducks in outer space
From the Disney Afternoon, to the moon!
Wait Uncle Scrooge, you need a suit out there
How are you alive? (How are you alive?)
You need heat (You need heat) also air (also air)
That's gotta be one expensive cane
You are up on the moon looking for treasure, you've gone insane

Crazy duck in space!
Yeah, you're really greedy and you're old
You've got a creepy Scottish accent dude, and you bathe in gold
Bathe in gold! (That can't be good for you)

This oughta be the ending credits theme
It's a soaring song flying high like a dream
But it was used as a level tune, underscoring the life of a retarded mallard
On the fucking moon!

Crazy duck in space!
Oh, I hope you keep me in the will
You could buy the moon and say "Put it on my bill"
On my bill! You're a duck, oh my god!

You've been on every single continent from Africa to Asia to cold Antarctica
I always thought that ducks flew far away in wintertime
But you took it way too far-ctica, way too far-ctica!

Wait Uncle Scrooge, won't you take me along?
You're a nincompoop. But it's such, such a great song!
Though you're a bird, you're no wise old owl.
Houston, we have a problem: Our shuttle captain's a raving waterfowl.

Oh my god he is a
Crazy duck in space!
Dude, your nephews miss you please go back
Keep on finding gold and jewels, just lay off the quack.
Off the quack! It's a pun and it's about ducks.

Scrooge McDuck you're on the
Scrooge McDuck you're on the
Scrooge McDuck you're on the
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