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Gay Or European: Mettaton And Jake
by BlueBirdVSmc

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Youtube Thumbnail Jake: Gay Or European? 2.0
Jake: Gay Or European? 2.0
by esmeblaise
3:29 - 164,691 views

I'v been meaning to do this for a while now since the original was so messy. ((Unfortunately I made the pictures too big so the video cut some of it to make it fit which is why you'll see the bottom half of some words))
Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9pCybcpkm5c
Homestuck: http://www.mspaintadventures.com/index.php?s=6&p=001901
Original Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t1s0mhxpYUE
My Tumblr: http://esmeblaise.tumblr.com/
Youtube Thumbnail Undertale Mettaton EX - Gay or European
Undertale Mettaton EX - Gay or European
by PuppyRelp
3:24 - 1,563,757 views


1. I know it's cringey. This was made back when I had that Undertale Phase. Don't get me wrong I love the game. The fandom...eh... Its a 50-50 to say the least. I just happened to make this and it seemed to have rolled off to the cringe side... *shrugs*

2. Mettaton being gay is not canon. Toby (from what I heard) hasn't mentioned anything about him being gay. Im not offending anyone just saying. I only made this song because of what the fandom THINKS Mettaton is. I mean pretty much almost the entire fandom thinks he's gay. But idk I can't speak for it. And think whatever you want to think! If you think mtt a straight dude thats A-Okay. If you think mtt is a girl thats A-Okay. But don't bash on other people and start arguments over it below :P

3. Dont get so easily triggered by this. It's just a joke. I am not trying to offend any gay and or europeans out there. I know not all of them are gay. And not all gays are european. It's just the song itself saying that. All I did was just follow the song and inserted undertale into it :P In short dont get offended by this its just a joke okay. Chill. But if you still are then leaving a comment won't help just keep it to yourself I've seen enough comments saying that.

4. I DONT SHIP PAPYTON. I dont like-like it but i dont hate it either. I mean, ship whatever you want to ship! I only placed papyton in there because again, the fandom, y'know, most of them kind of ship it so why not fuel the ship as some to say?? Please respect everyone in the comments who ship papyton, those who dont, and those who hate it. I dont care if you hate this video but please dont spread that hate around to the people who do because whats the point really? love always wins :P

5. The song is "There! Right There!" By Legally Blonde. Stop asking.

6. If you hate gays then it's ok. believe on whatever but mostly people would just bash on you if you hate it so why bother commenting about it? I mean what IS wrong with being gay? I even gained a hater after this. I mean i dont really care? The world we live in is confusing.

7. Okay the programs I used are MSPaint to draw and MovieMaker to put all of this together :P Im gonna add more if I feel like it
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