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Annoying Goose-The Legend of Dead Meat
by Prince Singh

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Youtube Thumbnail PC Longplay [332] Touhou 07 Perfect Cherry Blossom
PC Longplay [332] Touhou 07 Perfect Cherry Blossom
by World of Longplays
33:57 - 10,581 views


Played by: xRavenXP

Longplay of Touhou 07 - Perfect Cherry Blossom. This is a seventh game of the Touhou Project series. It is unusual among the recent releases, as the titles in English and Japanese game does not have a similar meaning, his Japanese title can be read in english as "Bewitching Dream". The month is already May, winter has lasted far longer than normal in Gensokyo, and its residents begin to suspect that something is wrong. As Reimu, Marisa or the new entrant Sakuya Izayoi, the player embarks on a search for those who try to predict the coming of spring. Perfect Cherry Blossom continues the tradition of the Touhou games: the reappearance of bosses from previous games such as selectable characters. Sakuya was the maid of vampire Remilia Scarlet, better known as Scarlet Devil (she appears in Touhou 06). A epic game, wonderful soundtrack. Played in lunatic mode with all characters with all spells, includes all good endings* + Extra Stage (for extra stage I choose Reimu B). ;)

*For get good ending you must finish the game in normal, hard or lunatic levels without use continues. Each character have 2 good endings!
Youtube Thumbnail

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Youtube Thumbnail Alan Enterprises (1978)
Alan Enterprises (1978)
by LogicSmash
0:11 - 8,541 views

From "Abbot & Costello"
Youtube Thumbnail Custom New Super Mario Bros. Wii Level: Mt. Chaotic
Custom New Super Mario Bros. Wii Level: Mt. Chaotic
by JanitorAntisocial
4:53 - 15,665 views

My tenth level. Everyone loves the Bonecoaster and everyone loves Parabeetles. So I put them both in one level.

I also don't know why I called it this as there's no mountain in sight.

This is a normal playthrough. All Star Coins obtained. Recorded with a digital camera aimed at a plasma TV because I lack actual recording equipment, so my apologies for the quality.

Created with the Reggie! Level Editor and patched through Riivolution. Also used Riivolution to play as Luigi just because I can.

Also, my clock once again makes its presence known during an inopportune moment when it's most conspicuous.

And that Spin Jump was totally unintentional.
Youtube Thumbnail The 6th Marathon of 07.31.15 by VideoEffects666
The 6th Marathon of 07.31.15 by VideoEffects666
by QualityMediaGeneric177/VE666 HD
1:1 - 36,008 views

The 6th Marathon of 07.31.15 by VideoEffects666

Upload effects :

1. Not sure what i did (Kyoobur9000)
2. Ruined (Kyoobur9000)
3. RedChord (Me)
4. HighPitchChord (woitek04)
5. Fat (Kyoobur9000)
6. Electric Module 4.0 (Me)

The entire guest list is as follows:
Thames Video 1978 (UK),
PBS-Public Broadcasting Service 1989 (3D Glass),
Klasky Csupo 1998 (HD Version),
StudioCanal 2011 (France),
Trimark Pictures,
Svensk Filmindustri 1986 (Sweden),
NET Fanfare 1969,
Gold Key Entertainment 1980,
The Video Collection 1986 (UK).
Youtube Thumbnail

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Youtube Thumbnail PS3 Longplay [100] Portal 2
PS3 Longplay [100] Portal 2
by World of Longplays
11:53 - 19,434 views


Played by: Spazbo4

Before Portal, Aperture Science conducted experiments to determine whether human subjects could safely navigate dangerous "test chambers", until the artificial intelligence GLaDOS, governing the laboratory, killed its inmates. At the end of the first game the protagonist Chell destroys GLaDOS and momentarily escapes the facility, but is dragged back inside by an unseen figure later identified by writer Erik Wolpaw as the "Party Escort Bot". A promotional comic shows estranged Aperture Science employee Doug Rattmann, who used graffiti to guide the player in Portal, placing Chell into suspended animation to save her life, until the beginning of Portal 2.

Soemtimes I will get messages from steam, I do not know how to turn them off unless I were to sign out of psn.
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