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Annoying Goose 39: You Are So Good
by Prince Singh

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Youtube Thumbnail An Awesome Request From VideoEditor2000 V2
An Awesome Request From VideoEditor2000 V2
by MinheaTehKlapof VideoEditor / TehMihneaSpartan
1:17 - 7,406 views

I Own Nothing But My Logo

Help us caption & translate this video!

Youtube Thumbnail DinoMost
by U-Man
0:29 - 1,099 views

Requested by: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCX_IAAq5GvxaarwlIWhFYpQ
Thanks for the idea! It's indeed an awesome logo (New one into our collection.)

All rights goes to their respective owners.

Re-branded Google Site: https://sites.google.com/site/ssuniagacompany/
Youtube Thumbnail Ultra HD Remake of the First Kyoobur9000 Logo
Ultra HD Remake of the First Kyoobur9000 Logo
by Kyoobur9000
0:13 - 6,254 views

Compare to the original: https://youtu.be/SAGKDUoZhmw
Day 3 (out of 6) of the Kyoobur Network 6TH Anniversary Celebration is here! Today I use Sony Vegas to modernize the very first Kyoobur9000 logo, the Blackadder Kyoob, which was originally made in PowerPoint 2010. Some differences include:
• It's in UHD widescreen instead of 720p fullscreen.
• Brightness and contrast have been enhanced.
• The K on the Kyoob's front face is larger relative to the Kyoob, and is better centered.
• The ordering of the small Kyoobs which appear on the screen in sequence is different, as shown when they fly off to the corners of the screen.
• The red gradient that travels through the stylized name "Kyoobur9000" is timed differently.
• The small Kyoobs that fly off to the sides of the screen fly off to farther locations due to the switch to widescreen.
• Music (New Star Entertainment Enhanced with DMA) was added.

All credit goes to their owners
whoever they may be
and all the 9K logos
are the only things from me!
Youtube Thumbnail

0: - 0 views

Youtube Thumbnail The little xp
The little xp
by U-Man
0:6 - 467 views

Who cried a boot-up.

All rights goes to their respective owners.
Youtube Thumbnail An Awesome Request For Megan Woodmansee
An Awesome Request For Megan Woodmansee
by TBEG2006 the Unikitty Fanatic
0:22 - 4,344 views

Can you turn down the volume when its loud
Youtube Thumbnail Cooking Panda Story
Cooking Panda Story
by CookingPanda
0:43 - 278 views

the story of cooking panda
Youtube Thumbnail Dream Street Chorded
Dream Street Chorded
by U-Man
0:35 - 951 views

There is.

All the arts gets his own credit.
My logos are only things from me. You can use one of my logos, but give me credit. That is the Life's Law. HAKUNA MATATA.

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