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(Request) Sparta Remix Ultimateparison (Now Is New)
by Pet297 alt

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Youtube Thumbnail [Request] Sparta Remix Nineparison Quadparison 1 (Now with correct remix)
[Request] Sparta Remix Nineparison Quadparison 1 (Now with correct remix)
by Pet297 alt
2:40 - 12,596 views

Requested by hugo esquivel. Sorry for using wrong sparta remix on previous.
Youtube Thumbnail [Request] Sparta remix quadparison (14)
[Request] Sparta remix quadparison (14)
by Pet297 alt
2:14 - 619 views

Requested by TehPortugueseSpartan. I like this one. (I DO NOT SUPPORT DONALD TRUMP)
Youtube Thumbnail Sparta Remixes Side By Side 5
Sparta Remixes Side By Side 5
by Aliff Bin Zuraidi
2:28 - 1,564 views

*Credits Will Be Given Later*
Youtube Thumbnail Sparta Madhouse ZE Remix Quadparison
Sparta Madhouse ZE Remix Quadparison
by UltraChaos [ウルトラカオス]
2:26 - 1,650 views



Credit to Adrian Muñoz, Ducky, Zhansultan Kenzhebaev 2004 and TN777HN!
Youtube Thumbnail CyberD3ath Sparta remix Quadparison
CyberD3ath Sparta remix Quadparison
by Deikert
2:18 - 13,508 views

-Videos de CyberD3ath Sparta remix Quadparison:
1-(Sparta)~[Sponge-Bob] - ¡Screaming!! {Sparta Remix}
2-(Sparta Duel)~[Angry Video Game Nerd- The Movie] - ¡It's Bullshit! {Sparta Remix}
3-(Sparta)~[Mario Sound Effects] - ¡Has A! {Sparta Remix}
4-(Sparta)~[Twilight Sparkle] - ¡How could you bring Discord here! {Sparta Brony Chaos Mix}
--Por favor no critiquen este CyberD3ath Sparta remix Quadparison
Youtube Thumbnail [Request] Sparta Remix Quadparison 11
[Request] Sparta Remix Quadparison 11
by Pet297 alt
2:37 - 472 views

Requested by TehPortugueseSpartan.
Youtube Thumbnail [Request] 09noahjohn quadparison 1
[Request] 09noahjohn quadparison 1
by Pet297 alt
2:26 - 20,086 views

Requestsed by Jackelyne Esquivel. Enjoy. Thing that surprises me about this one is how the visuals are almost perfectly synced most of the time. Also stay tuned for the 50th sparta remix special on my main. It will be uploaded on 8.10.2014, because someone I know personally has birthday that day.
Youtube Thumbnail [Sparta Mashup] MLP 6 Season Sparta Remixes Side-by-Side
[Sparta Mashup] MLP 6 Season Sparta Remixes Side-by-Side
by Braixen336 RainbowDash909 Spartan
2:45 - 985 views

All contents belong to their respected owners.

credits to:
Spartan Apple, ★𝓖𝓵𝓪𝓶𝓸𝓻𝓸𝓾𝓼★, TehPortugueseSpartan #iDashie (me) and Phantom C/R/A
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