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Youtube Thumbnail [Kagamine Rin and Len] Feathers Across the Seasons 四季折の羽 PV (English Subs)
[Kagamine Rin and Len] Feathers Across the Seasons 四季折の羽 PV (English Subs)
by thisendlessforest
4:52 - 3,053,778 views

A lovely and sad song by Hitoshizuku x Yamadan.


English lyrics: zcatcracker


Mai-ochiru konayuki ga
Yama no se wo shiroku someru
Sabireta mura no abaraya de
Futari, mi wo yoseau fuyu no yoru

"Deatta hi mo, yuki datta"
Anata ga hohoemi tsubuyaku
Iroribi ni hotetta kao wo
Ookina sode no kage ni kakushita

Haru no otozure wo
Ibuki no yorokobi saezuru tori-tachi to utau
"Kirei na koe da ne" to anata ga itta
Tada sore ga, sono kotoba ga, ureshikute

"Itsuka, kirei na koe ga denaku natte mo,
Sore demo, watashi wo aishite kuremasu ka?"
"Atarimae da yo" tte yasashiku warai
Sotto ookina te ga hoo wo nadeta

Aoba teru natsu no gogo
Anata ga yamai ni taoreta
Mazushii meoto kurashi de wa
Anata wo naosu kusuri wa kaenai

Akuruhi mo akuruhi mo
Tada, hitasura ni hata wo oru
Hakanaki momiji no ha no you ni
Anata no inochi wo, chirase wa shinai

Kisetsu wa nagarete
Natsu no owari wo tsugeru suzumushi ga RIN, to naku
"Kirei na yubi da ne" to kizu darake no te wo nigiru, sono te ga
Amari ni mo tsumetakute...

"Itsuka kirei na yubi ga nakunatte mo,
Sore demo watashi wo aishite kuremasu ka?"
"Atarimae da yo" tte seki komi nagara
Itamu yubi wo ookina te ga tsutsunda

Hiru mo yoru mo hata wo ori-tsudzukete
Hayaku hayaku, kusuri wo kawanakereba...
(rakujitsu no kaze―)
Mou sukoshi, ato sukoshi, momiji ga chiru mae ni
(―Mujou ni kuchite iku mi no―)
Kono yubi ga tomaru made... kono hane ga, tsukiru made...
(―Tomoshibi wo yurashi otosu―)

"Itsuka, watashi ga HITO ja nakunatte mo,
Anata wa, watashi wo aishite kuremasu ka?"
Kowakute shinjitsu wa tsugerarenu mama
Sotto hitori, saigo no hane wo ori...

"Atarimae da yo" tte boku wa warai
Tsubasa wo nakushita kimi wo dakishime, itta
Kirei ni habataita ano hi no tsuru wo
Zutto, ima demo oboete iru yo

Soshite kawarazu kimi wo aishite iru yo
Youtube Thumbnail [Hatsune Miku Dark, KAITO Whisper/Soft] Feathers Across The Seasons [Vocaloid cover]
[Hatsune Miku Dark, KAITO Whisper/Soft] Feathers Across The Seasons [Vocaloid cover]
by Eaver
4:52 - 8,735 views

I made a newer, better cover of this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DEPJu8ld0Rw

VSQx: 世界線の観測者 (edited by me)
Music, lyrics: Hitoshizuku × Yama△
Original singers: Kagamine Rin and Len
Art: Suzunosuke
Composite: TSO/VAVA
Youtube Thumbnail Sachiko feat. Gakupo
Sachiko feat. Gakupo "Seasonal Feathers/四季折の羽" VOCALOID 4
by Breeze
4:52 - 24,714 views

Please don't forget to subscribe if you want to hear more, I upload new covers every week! Comments and likes means a lot to me and encourages me to keep doing my work ^^

Sachiko is very hard to use, I did my best, hope you guys enjoyed.

Voicebanks used: Sachiko (trial), Gakupo Power V3 (trial).
(I downloaded Sachiko and Gakupo's trials especially to make this cover)

Title: 四季折の羽 (Shikiori no Hane)
Song: Hitoshizuku x Yama△ (ひとしずく×やま△) 【mylist/8159174】【mylist/16330281】
Illustrations: Suzunosuke (鈴ノ助) 【mylist/14615344】
Video: TSO×VAVA 【mylist/23603649】【mylist/35337101】

■This song is included in their "If the world" motif album, released on August 2013 at Comiket.

VSQx by 世界線の観測者

MP3 download: https://soundcloud.com/breezevideos/sachiko-feat-gakupo-seasonal-feathers

Please follow me on soundcloud for more covers!
Youtube Thumbnail 【UTAU カバー】 Namine Ritsu & Gahata Meiji - Seasonal Feathers 四季折の羽
【UTAU カバー】 Namine Ritsu & Gahata Meiji - Seasonal Feathers 四季折の羽
by RyukaMoon
4:52 - 2,250 views

Yes, you are reading the right thing, it's UTAU this time!
I've always loved this software as well but never had time to spend some more time with it so... but there are so many amazing UTAU singers out there by now that I just couldn't resist.
I chose to pick two of my most favourite ones for this awesome yet very sad song.

But this ust... pfff so much work to use it properly... so many parts :o

Anyways, hope you'll enjoy this ! :)
Original: Kagamine Rin & Len feat. Hitoshizuku x Yama
Vocals: Namine Ritsu 波音リツ feat. Gahata Meiji 歌幡メイジ
Mixing: Me
UST & most of the tuning: NeeMiSo

If you want to have the MP3 of this feel free to ask me for it! :)
Youtube Thumbnail 【UTAUカバー】Seasonal Feathers【Neko・Matsudappoiyo】+ UST
【UTAUカバー】Seasonal Feathers【Neko・Matsudappoiyo】+ UST
by NeeMiSo
4:52 - 3,759 views

UST by me

This is the first time I have used Neko's tripitch(?) VCV voicebank, I just found out that she had one.

I think the song is based on this story: ''Tsuru no Ongaeshi'' (The crane's repayment of kindness). Also called ''The Crane Wife''.
You can read it here if you want:

Original title: 四季折の羽
Original video: sm22711324
video w/subs from (Coleena Wu) /watch?v=MnKoiKTigoI

UST + off vocal:

[This UST was reaaally hard to make, the tempo changes all the time]
Youtube Thumbnail 【ムラサギ】 Seasonal Feathers「四季折の羽」【歌ってみた】
【ムラサギ】 Seasonal Feathers「四季折の羽」【歌ってみた】
by MurasagiYT
4:52 - 142,948 views

Here's a duet Reba and I did! I think this is the first time Reba and I have actually sang a duet together when I think about it, but we've known each other for so long.. Heck, we even have the same irl name xD Where has the time gone- Feathers across the seasons, yea!

Thank you so much for singing with me, Reba! I mean- Ryuuichi! Your harmonies are always on point and your vibrato are so good!! If someday, I no longer had my squeaky Rin voice, would you still, even sing with me? Actually, no choice! Please keep singing with us! *drags you along with the bunny wagon* 8Df

Kagamine Rin: Renna 【MurasagiYT】
Kagamine Len: Reba 【Rebear】 

[Check out our website for all our mp3s!]

Murasagi →mylist/38929746

►mix◄ Renna

►video◄ Renna

►translation◄ Coleena Wu

►Original video◄

►logo◄ Jeii

■Hitoshizuku-P, Yama△ (music, lyrics)

■Suzunosuke (Illustration)

■TSO, VAVA (movie)
Youtube Thumbnail Guriri - Seasonal Feathers (English Subs)
Guriri - Seasonal Feathers (English Subs)
by imadeemo
4:51 - 20,904 views


One day, if I lose this beautiful voice, even so, will you still love me?

This song is one of my favorites and I get so emotional when I watch it... It's a Vocaloid song covered by Guriri and TMDC.

I made this because I love Guriri's voice and I want to be able to sing along with it, the only problem is that it's Japanese and there are no English subs so I made one ^-^

I used Lucy's subs because they're so good! :D

All credits are below:


Cover by: Guriri feat. TMDC

English lyrics: by Lucy
Youtube Thumbnail 【Violin Cover】四季折の羽/Shikiori no Hane (Feathers Across the Seasons)【Umidori】
【Violin Cover】四季折の羽/Shikiori no Hane (Feathers Across the Seasons)【Umidori】
by Umidori san
4:54 - 115,898 views

▶Support me and become my patron! → https://www.patreon.com/umidori

▶MP3 download link◀: https://www.mediafire.com/?t4m182uojfnmrej
Find me on twitter! ☞: https://twitter.com/ppxeno

Hey guys Umidori here.
This is a pretty new song...came like a month ago on niconico, but it's just tooooooo beautiful that I have to make a cover immediately after watching it ;___;. The story is based on a Japanese fairy tale "The White Crane's Gratitude" and the song itself is a pretty sad one too..anyways here's my violin cover for it hope ye guys enjoy!
Performed/mixed by: Umidori
Original niconico link: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm22711324
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