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Miles blacks Whites miles faks
by Kinark

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Youtube Thumbnail Dragon Quest VI - Through the Fields Overworld theme [Sax Cover] | subversiveasset
Dragon Quest VI - Through the Fields Overworld theme [Sax Cover] | subversiveasset
by subversiveasset
2:41 - 1,611 views

Enjoy this sax cover of Through the Fields, the Dragon Quest VI Overworld Theme.

Although Through The Fields first appeared as the Overworld theme in Dragon Quest VI's OST (in two versions befitting the game's two worlds -- Through the Fields for the "real" world and "Another World" for the "phantom world"), this theme has been a staple of the Dragon Quest series. It has appeared in the OSTs for Dragon Quest VI, then Dragon Quest Monsters (or Dragon Warrior Monsters for folks in the US), and then the subsequent re-releases of both games (of which there were many.)

Even though the swordsman Terry is not the main hero of Dragon Quest 6, I find his story with his sister Milly to be particularly interesting, and I think that Terry is the reason that Through the Fields is used throughout both the Dragon Quest VI and Dragon Quest Monsters OSTs.

In both Dragon Quest VI and Dragon Quest Monsters, Terry is looking for his sister Milly (so even though Dragon Quest 6 isn't about Terry, one could say that even Terry is going "Through the Fields" on his parallel journey to his sister). In both of these games as well, Terry fails to recognize Milly at first, or at least, he fails to realize that she is actually much closer than he expects.

(From a story perspective, Terry's losing his sister *twice* must weigh down on him, though. Although Dragon Quest Monsters was released after Dragon Quest VI, in story terms, Terry's adventure to find Milly in Dragon Quest Monsters would have taken place when his was a child, whereas Terry's quest to find his sister and become a powerful swordsman in Dragon Quest VI almost assuredly takes place when they are older.)

The Dragon Quest series' music has been near and dear to me. While the first two covers I ever did were from Sid Meier's Civilization (which is also near and dear to me), my 3rd and 4th cover were the overworld theme from Dragon Quest Monsters (the one that is not this, that is), and also this very song -- Through the Field -- from Dragon Quest VI's OST.

So, actually, the new year is a good way of showing how far I've come. My original cover of Through the Fields was so bad that I didn't even post it on YouTube, but you can cringe about it on my SoundCloud. (Or perhaps you can just continue listening to this cover, and forget that the early Through the Fields cover ever happened?)

Song: Through The Fields/Another World
Game: Dragon Quest VI, Dragon Quest Monsters
Composer: Koichi Sugiyama

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EQUIPMENT (it doesn't require the best!)
Instrument: Conn 24M Alto Saxophone
Mouthpiece: JodyJazz HR 6M
Ligature: Rovner C1RL MK III
Reed: Vandoren Java 2

Mic: Electro Voice RE-20
Camera: Canon EOS SL1/100D

DAW: Reaper
Video Editing Software: Adobe Premiere Pro CC
#subversiveasset #vgm
Youtube Thumbnail Death Stranding ( Hideo Kojima ) - Game Awards 2016 Trailer
Death Stranding ( Hideo Kojima ) - Game Awards 2016 Trailer
by XCageGame
4:20 - 2,285,149 views

Death Stranding ( Hideo Kojima ) - Game Awards 2016 Trailer
►Twitter : https://twitter.com/Xcagegame
►Future Walkthroughs / Gameplays: http://goo.gl/wCvNro
►Nintendo ID/ PSN / Xbox Live: Cageccc
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