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Sparta Gamma Remix Quadparison ( My Version. Ft No Mail.)
by Mario Fan 1995SWell Pet297 Alt

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Youtube Thumbnail (Pitch Test) Greyson has a Sparta Gamma Remix
(Pitch Test) Greyson has a Sparta Gamma Remix
by Zory13
3:15 - 2,321 views

This was made to test the Gamma Pitch patterns, I think I nailed it for the most part.

The source is a school project our class made when I was in 6th grade
We needed someone to bring a video camera so I offered to use mine
after we where done, I'm pretty sure everyone forgot about it, even me, but I still had it after all these years so I decided to remix it.

For clarification: The Person at 1:44 is a guy, it was a really weird skit

In my opinion, a base is not overused unless it it used to make tons of simplistic Sparta remixes "like this one." But would you call Extended base overused? No, because every remix with extended as the base is different.

Source is my classmates in a school project

Base by Alex the Savior
Youtube Thumbnail [Sparta Duel] [Sparta Gamma Mix] Rodrigo Massa: Sistema GB (Comercial de Sistema GB)
[Sparta Duel] [Sparta Gamma Mix] Rodrigo Massa: Sistema GB (Comercial de Sistema GB)
by chicoesparta76 (fg99ful)
3:38 - 5,267 views

Round 1 vs La chica que traicionó a Namy

Hola mis amigos!! Este remix es para Rodrigo Massa, ya que el grabó ese comercial de Sistema GB. Cuando vi el comercial mientras miraba la tele, se me había ocurrido hacerle un remix, y pues no encontraba el comercial, hasta que porfin apareció el comercial XD. Espero que les guste.

Muchísimas gracias por haber visto mi video. Si te gustó no olvides suscribirte, darme un like en este video y tal vez comentar ya que me anima a subir más contenido.

Base by Alex the savior
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1brksQ24SM
Youtube Thumbnail

0: - 0 views

Youtube Thumbnail NO MAIL (Sparta Composite Mix)
NO MAIL (Sparta Composite Mix)
by DrMarioFan128
3:1 - 94,064 views

Credit To Sonicknockoff, MirrorImage98, Zozey1231, Gabriel Cano, SuperMarioLogan, HeyItsDanFromCp, and Perfectx2Alt
Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VO0tI1BsSew
Bases Used:
Sparta Madhouse ZE Mix
Sparta Crash Mix
Sparta Madhouse V3 Mix
Sparta Mad Piano CGE V2 Mix

Freestyle Used: HeyItsDanFromCP

Font Used: Impact

Sparta Remix Tutroail Used From: Perfectx2Alt
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