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! ! ! ! KARAKURI BURST ! ! ! !

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Youtube Thumbnail 【Kagamine Rin & Len Power Append】 Karakuri 卍 Burst 【English・Romaji Sub】
【Kagamine Rin & Len Power Append】 Karakuri 卍 Burst 【English・Romaji Sub】
by rekuiemuta
4:30 - 1,259,564 views

からくり卍ばーすと (Karakuri manji basuto) = Karakuri 卍 Burst

Song/lyrics by Hitoshizuku-P (ひとしずくP・さも・Samo)
Arranged by Yama△ (やま△ )
Illustrated by Suzunosuke (鈴ノ助)
Sung by Kagamine Rin and Len Power Append (鏡音 リン レン)

Album: Karakuri 卍 Burst (からくり卍ばーすと)
Artist: Hitoshizuku-P x Yama△
Year: 2011
Track 1 of 5

Album: EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Vocalocluster
Artist: Various Artists
Year: 2011
Track 11 of 18

Album: Laboratory
Artist: やま△
Year: 2010
Track 7 of 10

Original video: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm13313111

Romaji: Reina (http://www.animelyrics.com/doujin/vocaloid/karakuriburst.htm)
English: animeyay (http://www.animelyrics.com/doujin/vocaloid/karakuriburst.htm), paperhairgod, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZW-6U5bCyS4, & blacksaingrain (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WaZ28zEYImE&feature=channel_video_title)

*ushimitsudoki = An old Japanese word that means "2:00 a.m. - 2:30 a.m.". ("Ushi no koku" means 1am-3am) In old days it was believed that it was the best time for evils to act.

The time is ushimitsudokiー

There is a huge crime organisation and special police, from which there is a killing doll and a special-soldier, who turn to fight each other.
Everything is destroyed by their continuing war against each other, and now they meet tonight.

To destroy
Is proof of the significance of their existing

Amazing pictures Suzunosuke drew!! →

Kagamine Rin & Len - Crypton Future Media & Yamaha
Youtube Thumbnail 【KAITO x MEIKO】 Karakuri Burst【Cover】
【KAITO x MEIKO】 Karakuri Burst【Cover】
by theliekmudkipz
4:29 - 59,951 views

Love this cover.
These two sound so great together x3
Love them~!
Found on Nico.

MP3- http://www.4shared.com/mp3/RI6PN8c4/KAITO__MEIKO-_Karakuri_Burst.html?
Youtube Thumbnail 【Megurine Luka・Kamui Gakupo】Karakuri 卍 Burst【Cover】
【Megurine Luka・Kamui Gakupo】Karakuri 卍 Burst【Cover】
by 丸目ちいさ
4:31 - 72,617 views


からくり卍ばーすと (Karakuri Burst/Puppet Burst)

オリジナル (original)
原作 (creator):ひとしずくP 、やま△ (HitoshizukuP, Yama△)
歌 (singer):鏡音リン・レン (Kagamine Rin-Len)
イラスト (illust.):鈴ノ助 (Suzunosuke)

カバー (cover):Lucifer (was SATAN)(https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPUu...)
歌 (singer):巡音ルカ・神威がくぽ (Megurine Luka-Kamui Gakupo)
イラスト (illust & PV):丸目ちいさ (me!)

Yay! Finally posted something that is actually mine! (well, except the VSQ, obviously)
I re-drew Suzunosuke's arts and edited them myself. Since I only used Windows Live Movie Maker for editing, I had to work with what I have, so don't complain about the not-so-similar effects (read: my miserable attempt on re-making the PV).
Youtube Thumbnail 【Namine Ritsu & Yokune Ruko KIRE】 Karakuri 卍 Burst 【UTAUカバー】
【Namine Ritsu & Yokune Ruko KIRE】 Karakuri 卍 Burst 【UTAUカバー】
by Ren Solus
4:30 - 4,460 views

UST: xakatsukirikux
Original: Hitoshizuku-P & yama feat. Kagamine Rin & Len
Video: Suzunosuke

So I apparently had this in my files, I've had this cover done for a long time actually and it's been on my SoundCloud for... ages. xD But I discovered I put it to a video in my video files so I thought, might as well finally upload it!

I used both Ritsu and Ruko's Kire banks, and mannn are they lovely together~ I hope you enjoy!
Youtube Thumbnail 【Kanon & Fukase】Karakuri 卍 Burst / からくり卍ばーすと【VOCALOIDカバー】
【Kanon & Fukase】Karakuri 卍 Burst / からくり卍ばーすと【VOCALOIDカバー】
by Setsuna-M
4:30 - 801 views

Me dio flojera poner descripción así que solo pondré créditos, ya verán por que subí este vídeo en el siguiente que suba.
VSQx: Lucifer
Original: Hitoshizuku × Yama△ ft. Kagamine Rin & Len
Youtube Thumbnail 【Yuzuki Yukari & VY2 Yuma】 Karakuri 卍 Burst (Cover) 【Vocaloid 3 & 4】
【Yuzuki Yukari & VY2 Yuma】 Karakuri 卍 Burst (Cover) 【Vocaloid 3 & 4】
by Galaxy
4:30 - 3,846 views


I would have uploaded sooner, but I've been to conventions over the past few days and they were amazing!! So, sorry about that. But now that I'm settled, I'm ready to finish off requests. I didn't know that this was a mini series, I thought it was just one song, but it's not. So that was a little surprising.

Luckly, I didn't have to edit and mix a great deal lot, which was nice. But there were so many harmonies that I had to delete some because it was just too much and some of them unnecessary, so having to do that was fun. I just kept the main ones, and not little extra, since it would be too much. But it still sounds good. Don't worry.

As always criticism and improvements are always welcome!! So enjoy the song!!

Original by Hitoshizuku × Yama△’s - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LrVh8ken6D4
VSQX - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oms9VPRZ42M
Instrumental - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=odaFgqdU6NU
Yukari Yuzuki - YAMAHA, AH-Software Co. Ltd. & Vocalomakets.
VY2 Yuma - YAMAHA, Bplats, Inc & VOCALO Revolution.
Youtube Thumbnail

0: - 0 views

Youtube Thumbnail 【ゆいこんぬ】「からくり卍ばーすと」歌ってみた【まち】
by akane akimoto
4:30 - 18,930 views

本家様 :: sm13313111

Rin :: ゆいこんぬ【mylist/23208338】
Len :: まち【mylist/17426081】
Mix :: めいこ
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