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Bowser Jr Kills All Cogs and plays Epic Minigames and he is Number One
by KingBill345

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Youtube Thumbnail SML Movie: Chef Pee Pee The Robot
SML Movie: Chef Pee Pee The Robot
by SuperMarioLogan
12:25 - 14,564,253 views

Junior and his friends think Chef Pee Pee is a robot.

Lovell's YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPExl6K-3NYfA6JnPxexXYg/feed
by DashieGames
13:52 - 1,084,933 views

Thank yall for tuning in everyday!
merch: http://dashiexp.fanfiber.com/
Youtube Thumbnail (30+ videos!) We Are Number One but this might just be the most complex meme in the world (desc)
(30+ videos!) We Are Number One but this might just be the most complex meme in the world (desc)
by speedycube64
0:32 - 1,893 views

We Are Number One but every one switches it to Let it Grow but every grow switches it to The Mine Song but every mine switches it to How Bad Can I Be but every time the onceler says bad it switches it to Cooking By The Book but every cake switches it to Game of War: Campfire Stories but every TheLegend27 switches it to You Are A Pirate but every pirate switches it to Master Of Disguise but every disguise switches it to the Bee Movie trailer but every bee switches it to Gimme Gimme Chicken Tendies but every tendie switches it to Garfielf but all foods and some food related words (meal, eat, etc) switch it to Vinesauce Joel's reaction to 7 Grand Dad but every dad switches it to the Super Mario 64 world record TAS but every backwards long jump speed boost switches it to the I Like Trains song but every time the singer says trains it switches it to It's Raining Tacos but every tacos switches it to the Hot Dog Dance from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse but every dog switches it to All Star (the Shrek clip) but the word the switches it to the Pokemon Go Song but every pokemon switches it to the Everybody Do The Flop song but every time someone does the flop (and hits the ground) it switches it to the Thneedville song but every thneedville switches it to Rock and Roll McDonald's but every McDonald's switches it to the Hot Chocolate scene from Polar Express but every chocolate switches it back to We are Number One, and every hey in We Are Number One is replaced with “Hey! This is library” and then causes Hey what's up guys it's Scarce here to play over We Are Number One, and in the branch scene every word starting with m is replaced with Mike getting nutted and each time it gets slower, and the branch is replaced with nyan cat, and the word net is replaced with me killing Cubi in Speedrunners UHC 5 but it's MLG, and the words banana peel are replaced with the Hotel Mario intro but every noun or pronoun (except it's) is replaced with “that's no good” from Sonic Sez, and the words book in Cooking By The Book and tree in Let It Grow are replaced with the last tree falling in The Lorax, and every Barry is replaced with Bee Movie in under 30 seconds, and every die in Let It Grow is replaced with Big Smoke's order but the word number is replaced with the mayor from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs requesting “a pizza, stuffed inside a turkey, and the whole thing deep fried and dipped in chocolate” (with the wrong aspect ratio), but each time it gets faster and more distorted until Big Smoke's order ends, and the word dirtbag in Let It Grow is replaced with 5 Little Minions jumping on the bed, but every monkeys (yes, monkeys) is replaced with the oompa loompa song sped up 4x, and the onceler's duck quacking is replaced with wombo combo but every grab is replaced with the caribou chant from Jimmy Neutron (plus some other minor things).

Note that “switches it to” and “is replaced with” mean two different things.

I do not own any of the videos used (except me killing Cubi). All credit goes to its original owners.

If you want to know where I got any videos from, feel free to ask in the comments.
by [GD] TheRealPhoeniX
12:2 - 186,913 views

Thank you guys for make it possible!
1 MONTH of work, hope you estimate it ;D

Special thanks for TheParkas13 for some ideas :D
Link of his twitter: https://twitter.com/TheParkas13
His second account, ParkasFanMades!: https://twitter.com/ParkasFanMades
Youtube Thumbnail Object Lockdown - Episode 4:
Object Lockdown - Episode 4: "Not Your Forte"
by TheWuggleJack
11:40 - 402,753 views

Episode four of Object Lockdown has been released! I am very happy that I finished this episode in 2016 and earlier than expected, and I hope you all will enjoy. :)

This episode, the contestants are split up into 5 teams and must work together to make the best singing/dancing performance!

Music used in this episode:
Paper Mario Color Splash: Normal Battle
Pokémon Sun/Moon: Ten Carat Hill
Electric Joy Ride: Power-Up [Intro Theme]
Wii Sports: Main Menu
Paper Mario Color Splash: Port Prisma
Kirby Planet Robobot: Resolution Road
Sonic CD: Stardust Speedway Bad Future (JP)
Rhythm Tengoku: Polyrhythm
Pokémon Sun/Moon: Heahea City (Night)
Kirby Air Ride: City
Pokémon B/W: Route 10

Backing for ‘It’s Like Spaghetti’ is by the talented DJN3k0Mast3r
Youtube Thumbnail Toontown Rewritten Angry Golfers Episode 9 - That was Quick
Toontown Rewritten Angry Golfers Episode 9 - That was Quick
by CoachZEvilTwin
39:49 - 7,618 views

Welcome to Toontown Rewritten Angry Golfers! In this series I go into the back nine and see how long I can drag the back nine out for!
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