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by stoptryingtostalkmerudekids:(

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Youtube Thumbnail Cracking a Frozen Lake 258 Times is Perfectly Acceptable
Cracking a Frozen Lake 258 Times is Perfectly Acceptable
by Stryder7x
4:8 - 1,302,387 views

Turns out there's more to the Waterless Lake Glitch than we originally thought! This has been console-verified, and doesn't take too long thankfully. Not as much math behind this overflow, but it's still pretty interesting. Definitely a solid entry to the most pointless glitches ever discovered.

Bonecrusher initially discovered the Waterless Lake Glitch with LZS, and I discovered a method of pulling it off with trigger manipulation. The other day, I thought about whether or not the developers would use a counter for the lake, and asked Bonecrusher to test it out. The result is more texture glitchiness!

If you'd like to stay updated, check out my Twitter & Twitch:
‌• Twitter: https://twitter.com/Stryder7x
‌• Twitch: https://twitch.tv/Stryder7x

Bonecrusher1022's Twitter & YouTube:
‌• Twitter: https://twitter.com/Bonecrusher1022
‌• YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/BONECRUSHER1022

Video intro designed and animated by TheSneakySpy:
‌• YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheSneakySpy

I have a license to use Nintendo’s content in this video through the Nintendo Creators Program. This video is not sponsored or endorsed by Nintendo, but any advertising revenue from this video will be shared with Nintendo.
Youtube Thumbnail A Tribute to Gabe the Dog - Mr Gabe Sky
A Tribute to Gabe the Dog - Mr Gabe Sky
2:27 - 235,600 views

I use my basic editing skills to honor one of the greatest doggos, and memes of all time. Rest in peace Gabe

Support Gabe's owner https://www.youtube.com/user/deathtrips

Help a hero in need

Send in suggestions https://www.facebook.com/MRMRMANGOHEAD/?fref=ts

A big thanks to my Patreons
David Cruit, snakeathon, Max The Swag Master, Elijah Hintz, Bjørn Tore Tamminen, Torstein Bjerkstrand Skaret, Bille, Brendan Tye, Jeremy Besser, 2scoops, Flag Carrier, Anthr Adorable, Record Set Shed, Adrian Kristiansen, Homosexual Horse, Ed James, Connor McWhinney, Lauren Lafferty, Rueshaun Ghaemie, JakeIntake, Michael Eshleman, Ruslan Rabadanov, Cole Fehlen, Psycho Saiyan, Jherek Ford, SZXMonster, John, Ruslan Rabadanox, Tony D Torstein Bjerkestrand Skaret, Lauren Lafferty, Flaas ,Yoshi Grunder and Film Toaster Reviews
Youtube Thumbnail The MAD Medley
The MAD Medley
by Shikitashi
5:17 - 459,047 views

This video is a collaboration.
It's my first time hosting a collab, and I'm pretty happy with the final result.
Thanks everyone for participating.

1.- VanFather - U.N. Owen Was Her? (https://goo.gl/3ZQ0Pc)
2.- Doggasus - Night of Nights (https://goo.gl/tCPxWK)
3.- Qoqoa - Cirno's Perfect Math Class (https://goo.gl/fMDJtn)
4.- Shikitashi - RED ZONE x Second Heaven
5.- Motchan - Family Mart (https://goo.gl/ZCVKGZ)
6.- Wizu - Gourmet Race (https://goo.gl/UFjX2W)
7.- Swaitis - Ievan Polka (https://goo.gl/8y0ot5)
8.- nμ - Mayim Mayim (http://goo.gl/rXkUXK)
9.- Geezer - Evans (https://goo.gl/WOZ1Jw)
10.- Unnamed User - Sky High (https://goo.gl/bhjrVe)
11.- FuFu - Here we go! (https://goo.gl/4dSRzx)
12.- Camille - Cheetahmen (https://goo.gl/Ch25DS)
13.- ⑨⑥大馬鹿⑨⑥ - Overdrive x Sand Canyon x Lunatic Princess (https://goo.gl/TgmXso)
14.- Hunu - The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku (https://goo.gl/B4Gsqc)
15.- Fotzu - Marisa Stole the Precious Thing (https://goo.gl/3RpNte)
16.- Taichan - Gacha Gacha Cute (https://goo.gl/NXYeeO)
17.- Tsukiri - Konayuki (https://goo.gl/gkpzVo)

Credits made by:
Neavy (Audio) : https://goo.gl/hAlmCv
Victor64n (Visuals) : https://goo.gl/LeS2ZJ
Youtube Thumbnail Creative Exercise - Mario Paint
Creative Exercise - Mario Paint
by SiIvaGunner
2:2 - 1,725,167 views

Music: Creative Exercise
Composer: Kazumi Totaka
Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLL0CQjrcN8D0qzs6EN-rkXcOpaeTjaweF
Platform: SNES

Please read the channel description.
Youtube Thumbnail Snow halation - Love Live!
Snow halation - Love Live!
by SiIvaGunner
4:20 - 1,199,072 views

Music: Snow halation
Performed by: μ's
Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLL0CQjrcN8D0AWBGDg1NbPN6z0t4XBu7q
Platform: Mobile

"Because I love each and every day." - Nozomi Tojo
Youtube Thumbnail YANDEREDEV YANDEREDEV!!! (Yandere Simulator Parody Song) [мoм0кι]
YANDEREDEV YANDEREDEV!!! (Yandere Simulator Parody Song) [мoм0кι]
by mom0ki
2:7 - 4,985,468 views


Hello! I know, it's been years since I've uploaded anything-- but here you are! I've been working really hard on this cover, so I really hope you all enjoy!

Special thanks to my Patreon supporters who help make videos like this possible! Thank you! Shout out to my $20+ Patron, Jeremy Hynds!

S/O to YandereDev for his sick voice over work!

Free download here!

Chinese translation by Mono-Sync
French translation by nd6789:
Spanish translation by BooMaker:
Japanese Translation by GreenMoriyama
Romanian Translation by BetterChoice
Indonesian Translation by Sassy Saddles:
Portuguese Translation by Weeabo Trash:
Russian Translation by Zwetik Draws:
Dutch translation by Diamond Dash:
German Translation by TsubasaneSora:
Hebrew Translation by karasik michael:
Polish Translation by Jedenzwielu:
Arabic translation by no one:
Turkish Translation by Yunami ユナミ
Turkish Translation by Kotori-chan
Vietnamese Translation by petayuuchan
Greek Translation by The Sanity Coordinator
Korean Translation by 정시훈
Chinese (Singapore) translation by Shun Kazami
Lithuanian Translation by Chocolate Truffle:


Vocals: Mom0ki
Lyrics: Mom0ki
BG Vocals: Xandu and Akane Sasu Sora
Mix: Xandu
Animation: Asucchi
Art: hanapiana (sprites)
Kaz (chibi)
Original credits:

Song: Märchen Debut!
Composer: ARM (IOSYS)
Lyricist: Yoshimi Yuuno (IOSYS)
Arranger: ARM (IOSYS)

S/O to Joshua David for putting together the awesome thumbnail for this video!

"From the rooftop she came, and pulled out her cellphone"
(W-wait, who's this email from!!? Who's wrote this!? Who's wrote this!? WHO COULD THAT BE!?)

Tell me, why won't you answer any of my emails?!
I put a lot of effort into writing this!
Whatever, I'll just send you another one! kay?
Mi~mi~mi~ Mi~mi~mi~ Midori!
Mi~mi~mi~ Mi~mi~mi~ Midori!
Mi~mi~mi~ Mi~mi~mi~ Midori!
Gurin~Gurin~Gurin~ Midori!

It's looking like a nice day! My receptions OK!
Emailing~ Emailing~ my favorite Yandere
Gotta ask him questions! Give him my suggestions!
"YandereDev YandereDev, why don't you just--"

Maybe I should send four, I can always send more~
Emailing~ Emailing~ Sending them your way!
You think I'm annoying, it's really disappointing--
"YandereDev! You'll regret this!!!"

Emailing~ Emailing~
I just wanna know why I still don't have a routine?
till I know you've seen--

"What? I'm not connected to the WiFi?!"
"None of my emails sent!?!?!"

Midori's been wondering~ When will you start responding?
(Midori's been wondering~ When will you start responding?!)
I'm asking valid things!
Like how to beat a yandere who's killing everything!!!

Midori's trying her best! Maybe you can give it a rest?
(Midori's trying her best! Really, you can put this to rest!)
I simply want to know:
"Yanderedev, When are you gonna make me a rival?"
Maybe if I send one more, then you'll finally respond~

"One, two! One more time!! Go!"
Mi~mi~mi~ Mi~mi~mi~ Midori!
Mi~mi~mi~ Mi~mi~mi~ Midori!
Mi~mi~mi~ Mi~mi~mi~ Midori!
Gurin~Gurin~Gurin~ Midori!

Check me out on social media!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MOM0KI
Tumblr: http://mom0ki.tumblr.com
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/midori-gurin
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/mom0ki?ty=h
If you become a Patron to me, you can help fund more projects like this one! With more funding, I can make more videos like this! Thank you guys so much, whether or not you decide to donate!
Youtube Thumbnail ALL THE WAY - Jacksepticeye Songify Remix by Schmoyoho
ALL THE WAY - Jacksepticeye Songify Remix by Schmoyoho
by jacksepticeye
2:49 - 80,034,033 views

The awesome people at Schmoyoho made a song based around me and it's AMAZING!! Check it out and give them some love
Schmoyoho Channel ► https://www.youtube.com/user/schmoyoho
Get the song on iTunes ► https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/all-way-i-believe-in-steve/id1136849139?ls=1&app=itunes

►Twitter : https://twitter.com/Jack_Septic_Eye
►Instagram: http://instagram.com/jacksepticeye
►Merchandise: http://jacksepticeye.fanfiber.com/
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