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Wrex Gon' Give It To Ya
by Travis_Jones

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Mass Effect 3 Citadel DLC: Wrex's shuttle takedown
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1:12 - 106,409 views

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Youtube Thumbnail DMX  - X Gon' Give It to Ya
DMX - X Gon' Give It to Ya
by jhon71hiphop
3:39 - 98,093 views

DMX - X Gon' Give It to Ya
Explicit Uncensored
ıllı► LYRICS:
Arf arf
yeah, yeah, yeah (grrrr)
uh, yeah don't get it twisted
this rap shit, is mine
motherfucker, it's not, a fucking, game
fuck what you heard
it's what you hearin
it's what you hearin (listen)
it's what you hearin (listen)
it's what you hearin (listen)
[verse 1]
x gon give it to ya
fuck wait for you to get it on your own
x gon deliver to ya
knock knock, open up the door, it's real
wit the non-stop, pop pop and stainless steel
go hard gettin busy wit it
but i got such a good heart
i'll make a motherfucker wonder if he did it
damn right and i'll do it again
cuz i am right so i gots to win
break break wit the enemy
but no matter how many cats i break bread wit
i'll break who you sendin me
you motherfucker never wanted nothin
but your wife said, that's for the light day
i'm gettin down, down
make it say freeze
but won't be the one endin up on his knees, bitch
please, if the only thing you cats did is come out to play
get out my way
[chorus x2]
first we gonna rock, then we gonna roll
then we let it pop, go let it go
x gon give it to ya
he gon give it to ya
x gon give it to ya
he gon give it to ya
[verse 2]
ain't never gave nothin to me
but everytime i turn around
cats got they hands out wantin something from me
i ain't got it so you can't get it
lets leave it at that cuz i ain't wit it
hit it wit full strength
i'm a jail nigga
so i face the world like it's earl in the bullpen
you against me, me against you
whatever, whenever
what the fuck you gon do?
i'm a wolf in sheeps clothing
only nigga that you know that can chill
come back and get the streets open
i've been doing this for nineteen years
wanna fight me? fight these tears
i put in work and it's all for the kids
but these cats done forgot what work is (uh-huh!)
they don't know who we be
lookin! but they don't know who they see
[chorus x2]
[verse 3]
aiiyo where my niggaz at?!
i know i got them down in the game
give em love and they give it back
talk to much for to long
don't give up your to strong (what?!)
a dog to bow bow hug it
shoutout to niggaz that done it
and it ain't even about the dough
it's about gettin down for what you stand for yo

►Cradle 2 the Grave Soundtrack
Grand Champ is the fifth album by American rapper DMX, released in 2003. Grand Champ features the popular singles Where the Hood At? and Get It On The Floor. The album sold 312,000 in its first week and debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200.
When compared to the artist's previous releases, this was the greatest under-achiever, eventually achieving a rating of Platinum, although it was #1 on the Billboard 200.

►Cradle 2 the Grave is the official soundtrack to the film of the same name starring DMX and Jet Li. It was released on February 18, 2003 through Ruff Ryders Entertainment and Def Jam Recordings. The album featured production from some of hip hop's top producers including, DMX, Dame Grease, Eminem, Mannie Fresh, Sha Money XL and DJ Envy. The soundtrack was very successful, peaking at #6 on the Billboard 200, #3 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums and #1 on the Top Soundtracks, also the soundtrack included DMX's single, "X Gon' Give It to Ya". "Go To Sleep" has been used as the entrance song to UFC fighters Sam Stout and Dan Cramer. The soundtrack was also certified gold by the RIAA on May 19, 2003, with over 500,000 copies sold.

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